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About GDC

GDC Technology Limited (“GDC Technology”) is a leading global digital cinema solutions provider with the largest installed base of digital cinema servers and TMS (“Theatre Management System”) in the Asia-Pacific region and the second largest globally. GDC Technology develops, manufactures and sells scalable cinema automation systems.

Cinema Automation

Manage your content by leveraging machine intelligence.

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Cut in content ingestion time*

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Playback reliability**

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Content storage*** 


Movies in an SCL-4000 Mk2 server

Fail-Safe Design

Backup mechanism available to ensure every screening continues autonomously


The comparisons are based on the operation in a 30-screen theatre complex. Your results may vary depending on the number of screens and operating conditions.

* Between an approximate total of 900 minutes to ingest a movie to all 30 screens and a one-time ingest of around 30 minutes to an SCL-4000 Mk2 server.

** Between the usage of traditional systems with up to 30 local storage devices and the usage of an SCL-4000 Mk2 server for all 30 screens.

*** Between a storage device with 2TB capacity and an SCL-4000 Mk2 server with 204TB capacity.

Cinema Enterprise Software

Streamline your entire circuit’s sight and sound operations with GDC’s revolutionary enterprise software solutions

Central Management Enterprise Software CMS-3000

Your comprehensive solution to manage screenings across an entire cinema circuit from its headquarters.

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Theatre Management System TMS-2000

Your comprehensive solution to manage content, digital cinema equipment and more from a central location. 

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Network Operations Center NOC 2.0

A comprehensive remote management solution for monitoring and maintaining digital cinema devices. 

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Cinema Storage

GDC cinema storage solutions offer scalable storage options with different features that fit exhibitors’ various needs

Centralized Playback Server Series

SCL-1000 Mk2, SCL-2000 Mk2, SCL-3000 Mk2, SCL-4000 Mk2

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Enterprise Series Storage

Enterprise Storage Plus

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Enterprise Series Storage

Enterprise Storage

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Portable Storage

Portable Storage

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Cinema Audio

DTS:X™ Immersive Sound and IAB Support

Delivering True Cinematic Immersion with Best-in-Class Partners:
Samsung Onyx LED • ScreenX • IMAX® Enhanced

The World’s First and Largest

Samsung Onyx LED Cinema with DTS:X™

DCI-Compliant Cinema Projector

Perfect for mini-theatres and booth-less installations - no hush-box required

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