An Auditorium of DTS:X for IAB Immersive Audio

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Theatres around the world are now actively installing object-based immersive sound technology to provide a superior cinema experience for audiences. DTS:X immersive sound is the right choice. DTS:X accurately conveys the fluid movement of sound to create a richer entertainment soundscape than has previously been possible by moving sound objects to and through specific locations within – in front of, behind, above, and beside the audience, precisely where the mixer placed them.

What is DTS:X for IAB Immersive Audio?

GDC Technology, a world-leading digital cinema solutions provider, and DTS, Inc. are working together to offer DTS:X for IAB, a premier immersive sound system for cinemas worldwide. The DTS:X for IAB immersive audio solutions support DTS:X playback and the SMPTE ST 2098-2 immersive audio bitstream (IAB) standard, representing a major milestone in delivering a single interoperable audio format. IAB allows motion picture studios to efficiently distribute immersive audio content to the DTS:X screens worldwide-exactly as the filmmakers intended.

4 Key Benefits of DTS:X for IAB Immersive Audio

  1. Higher accuracy in conveying sound movement, with object-based audio technology.
  2. Flexible speaker configurations enable installation in auditoriums of all different sizes.
  3. Retrofit theatres at lower cost, saving up to 50% compared to other sound systems.
  4. Backward compatible with 5.1, 7.1, and DTS:X systems.

Highly Flexible Speaker Configurations1

DTS:X for IAB adapts to the cinema architecture, allowing flexibility in designing a speaker configuration that best fits the layout of the auditorium.

  1. DTS:X supporting IAB is based on up to three layers: the base layer, a height layer, and a top layer.
  2. The base layer covers all the speakers in a typical 5.1 or 7.1 configuration.
  3. The height and top layers cover all the speakers above the listeners and support height effects.
An Auditorium of DTS:X for IAB Immersive Audio

2 Powerful DTS:X for IAB Immersive Audio Solutions

The GDC immersive audio media server is the world’s leading IMB with a built-in DTS:X decoder and is designed to meet IAB requirements.

Experience DTS:X for IAB Immersive Audio Cinema Trailer

Partial List of Global Installations

An Auditorium of DTS:X for IAB Immersive Audio

DTS:X for IAB Immersive Audio Sizzle Reel. Featuring More Movies in Theatres Worldwide Than Ever!

1 The configuration diagrams are for reference only

2 DTS strongly recommends the use of ceiling speakers, this option is used for special project and is subject to DTS approval