An Auditorium of DTS Surround Cinema

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You are truely missing out if you have never lost yourself in a great movie with an amazing surround sound system. Now, you can with “DTS Surround Cinema.” What sets “DTS Surround Cinema” apart is the innovative DTS Surround audio processor and state-of-the-art tuning practice. This powerful new technology precisely redirects low frequencies from the surround channels to dedicated left and right bass management subwoofers. By compensating for the inherent limitations of surround speakers in reproducing deep bass tones, it ensures a smooth and seamless audio performance like no other.

The survey says approximately 70% of cinema industry professionals prefer DTS Surround Cinema over other cinema audio systems. Approximately 70% is based on a study conducted at CineAsia 2023 during two separate blind test sessions involving cinema industry professionals.

An Auditorium of DTS Surround Cinema

4 Key Benefits of DTS Surround Cinema

1. Using Existing DCP Formats

Theatres using the built-in DTS Surround audio processor and certified DTS Surround Cinemas can playback SMPTE and interop standard DCPs with 5.1/7.1 surround audio track.

2. Every Movie will Sound as Intended

Featuring extended optimized X-curve targets and state-of-the-art tuning practices delivers a stunning sound quality with the DTS Surround frequency range to significantly improve the overall quality of the listening experience in surround sound theatre.

3. A Stepping-stone to DTS:X for IAB

Certified DTS Surround Cinemas feature the core components of DTS:X installations and are easily upgradable to DTS:X for IAB.

4. Strong Identity to Moviegoers

  • Since 1993, the DTS brand has been synonymous with innovation and the highest-quality sound.
  • Marketing materials including a theatre plaque are provided to promote DTS Surround Cinema.

DTS Surround Cinema Certification

To achieve auditorium certification as a “DTS Surround Cinema”, the speaker layout must be designed to adhere to the rigorous DTS cinema installation guidelines. This layout encompasses full-range surrounds and meticulously follows the DTS target curve for optimal audio performance. Furthermore, the certification process for a DTS Surround Cinema entails a comprehensive onsite evaluation conducted by an authorized DTS technician to ensure adherence to the highest standards.

Powerful Solutions to Support DTS Surround Cinema

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