Discover More with GDC at CineEurope 2024

June 17-20 | M131, Level P1 at CCIB

Discover More with GDC at CineEurope 2024

Join us at CineEurope 2024 to discover our latest innovations. This year, we have a big surprise. You don’t want to miss our amazing showcase of revolutionary solutions and cutting-edge advancements in software solutions and equipment designed for the future. You will see affordable technologies that enhance the audio and visual experience for moviegoers while also optimizing cinema booth operations. Mark your calendar now to visit GDC in M131, Level P1 at CCIB during the trade show hours. We look forward to seeing you in Barcelona!


IMBs designed for Series 1, 2, 3 and 4 projectors:

  • SR-1000 IMB is renowned for its near-zero maintenance and minimal total cost of ownership thanks to its future-proof flexible architecture.
  • SR-5400C IMB designed with FAST Technology at 4K 3D@96fps for the Christie® CineLife+™ Series cinema projector.

IMBs designed for DCI compliant LED cinema screens:

  1. SR-6400 IMB with FAST Technology which powers the CINITY Cinema System and Cinity LED cinema screen featuring 4K@120fps 2D and 4K@60fps 3D.
  2. SRC-7500 IMB designed with FAST Technology at 4K 3D@96fps for the Unilumin UCine LED cinema screen
  3. SRC-5500 IMB designed for Quantum Media’s microLED playback at 4K @96 fps.
  4. LPU-1000 LED Player Unit designed for Samsung Onyx Cinema LED Screen.
Discover More with GDC at CineEurope 2024


The SR-1000 offers three built-in cinema audio processing options: 1) DTS Surround, 2) a 15.1 cinema audio processor with DTS:X for IAB rendering, or 3) a built-in DTS:X for IAB rendering up to 32 channels. These options enable exhibitors to design specialty and premium large format auditoriums for DTS:X immersive audio and DTS Surround Cinema, providing a cost-effective solution while enhancing the listening experience for moviegoers with superior audio quality.


Check out our comprehensive portfolio of audio equipment to streamline audio configuration:

  • The newly developed standalone 16-channel AIB-3000 Audio Processor works with all major IMB designed to rock your auditorium with sensational DTS Surround audio with enhanced bass management.
  • Exclusive AE-6703 features a 32-channel bidirectional converter bridging the worlds of AES3 and AES67.
  • Digital-to-analog audio converters including Espedeo DAC Series.
Discover More with GDC at CineEurope 2024


Introducing the up to 6TB RAID SSD storage PSD-4000-SSD, exhibitors can conveniently move the PSD-4000-SSD to share the content with other auditoriums. It is time to eliminate old and less reliable HDD storage with all SSD storage for improved reliability and cost of operation.


Combined with the SR-1000 IMB’s built-in CineCache™ memory with optional 4TB or 2TB, you can create a cost-effective and reliable up to 10TB SSD Storage for every cinema screen.

Discover More with GDC at CineEurope 2024


Fully automate booth operations by bundling with GDC automation solutions:
Central Management Enterprise Software CMS-3000 and Network Operations Center NOC-3000 now leverage the cloud-based platform to offer web-based turnkey solutions for cinema HQ which seamlessly integrates with Cinema Automation CA2.0 and TMS-2000 installed in the multiplex. Now both CMS-3000 and TMS-2000 support automated KDM delivery.


Don’t miss our Theatre Management System Server TMSS-1800+ and a full range of cinema automation products to improve operation efficiency.

Discover More with GDC at CineEurope 2024


Introducing the INTELA RGB Laser Light Upgrade (LLU) designed for Series 2 xenon lamp projectors for unparalleled projection image quality and sustainability. Utilizing the pure RGB lasers to produce long-lasting and vivid color images and designed to help lower your electricity expense.

Discover More with GDC at CineEurope 2024