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About GDC Technology
GDC Technology Limited ("GDC Technology") is a leading global digital cinema solutions provider with the largest installed base of digital cinema servers in the Asia-Pacific region and the second largest globally. GDC Technology develops, manufactures and sells digital cinema servers that meet the highly demanding performance, security and reliability requirements established by Hollywood studios. GDC Technology also provides a comprehensive suite of digital cinema products and services providing exhibitors and distributors with a one-stop solution for exhibiting digital cinema content, including integrated projection systems, 3D products, projector lamps and silver screens. Its subsidiary, GDC Digital Cinema Network Limited, has more than 6 years of experience and manages close to 5,000 screens across approximately 700 VPF agreements with worldwide content distributors and exhibitors. Founded in Singapore in 1999 and headquartered in Hong Kong, GDC Technology has established a global market presence and strong brand recognition with 12 offices and 30 local service centers around the world. GDC Technology is a portfolio company of The Carlyle Group.
Latest Innovations
CLA-1000 Content Library Adapter
Provides a one-stop solution for content safeguard
  • Applicable to various TMS platforms including Windows and Linux.
  • Content can be either ingested to TMS library and backup storage simultaneously or just be selectively transferred from TMS library to backup storage.
  • Backup storage can be safely detached from the CLA-1000 user interface to replace a failed storage device, thereby minimizing downtime.
  • Allows easy content transfer for theatres without TMS and IMB, saving time and labor costs by a) Transferring content from one screen storage device to another through Ethernet cable without physically relocating a device and b) Transferring content from a CRU to multiple screen simultaneously through a Local Area Network instead of ingesting content manually from a CRU to storage devices one by one.
Corporate News
December 11, 2014
China’s Evergrande Again Chooses GDC’s SX-3000 Standalone IMB and Theatre Management System for Its 2015 Digital Cinema Deployments
December 11, 2014
GDC Technology’s Flagship Product, the SX-3000 Standalone IMB, Established as Preferred Solution for Laser Projection Deployments
December 10, 2014
GDC Technology Reaches Deal with Sichuan Pacific Circuit for Deployment of 100 Digital Cinema Servers and New Enterprise Storage Solutions
December 9, 2014
China Film Group Corporation Selects GDC’s SX-3000 Standalone IMB for Its 2014 - 2015 Digital Cinema Deployment
December 8, 2014
GDC Technology Heralds New Era as New Logo Goes Live
December 8, 2014
GDC Technology Showcases Innovative One-stop Cinema Solutions at CineAsia 2014
December 4, 2014
GDC Technology Unveils TMS-2000 at CineAsia 2014
October 29, 2014
Cinemagic Selects GDC’s SX-3000 IMB for the Digital Rollout of 180 Screens throughout Their New Theatres in Mexico, United States, and Guatemala
October 28, 2014
GDC Opens New Offices in São Paulo, Brazil and Lima, Peru
October 27, 2014
GDC Technology’s Flagship Product, the SX-3000 Standalone IMB, Continues to Gain Market Share in North American and Latin American Markets
October 24, 2014
GDC Technology Provides Exceptional Digital Cinema Solutions at ShowEast 2014
September 18, 2014
GDC DCP Packager Certified for Dolby Atmos Mastering
September 17, 2014
GDC Technology’s QMS-1000 Quality Management System Wins BIRTV Award for Outstanding Product