Visit GDC at CineEurope 2023 to

CineEurope 2023

Join us at CineEurope 2023 to discover our latest innovations. GDC will showcase a comprehensive range of new first-to-market innovations and advanced improvements to existing products to elevate the audio experience and streamline cinema booth operations. You’ll see MORE new and improved products than ever when you visit us:

Discover our ultra-reliable SR-1000 IMB and its powerful built-in options including a built-in DTS® Surround cinema audio processor and 32-channel DTS:X decoder supporting IAB standard. Our growing portfolio of audio solutions to streamline your audio integration includes
  • Exclusive AE-6703 32-channel Bidirectional Converter bridging the worlds of AES3 and AES67
  • Espedeo DAC Series of digital-analog converters
  • AIB-3000 Audio IO (Input-Output) Box 16-channel Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC) offering auxiliary audio interfaces, which is also a Software License enabled DTS Surround Cinema Audio Processor
  • AIB-2000 Audio IO (Input-Output) Box 8-channel DAC offering auxiliary audio interfaces
  • Remote fader control for cinema audio processor;
  • High-performance SATO cinema speakers for high-end cinemas

The SR-1000 IMB has built-in options including CineCacheTM 2TB; users can now STORE MORE with the new PSD-4000-SSD portable storage that offers 3TB, 4TB, and 6TB RAID-5 SSD storage. It is so compact and lightweight; exhibitors can remove the PSD-SSD box to instantaneously move content from one screen to another. 

Fully automate booth operations by bundling with GDC automation solutions: Central Management Enterprise CMS-3000 and Network Operations Center NOC-3000 now leverage the cloud-based platform to offer web-based turnkey solutions for cinema HQ which seamlessly integrates with Cinema Automation CA2.0 and TMS-2000 installed in the multiplex. See also our full range of cinema automation products to improve operation efficiency.

DIVE™ Dynamic Lighting System allows a custom light show with choreography of light that matches the pre-show visual and audio content to immerse your moviegoers in the pre-show.

We can’t wait to see you at M131, Level 1 at CCIB!