LOOK Dine-In Cinemas Selects GDC Technology for Its New Flagship Manhattan Site

LOOK Dine-In Cinemas Takes New York City Moviegoers to a Higher Level of Audio Quality with GDC Featuring DTS:X for IAB Immersive Audio

NEW YORK, MAY 16, 2023 — GDC Technology Limited (‘GDC’), a leading global provider of digital cinema solutions, announced today that LOOK Dine-In Cinemas (‘LOOK’) selected SR-1000 Standalone Integrated Media Block with built-in DTS:X® for IAB (Immersive Audio Bitstream) decoder to deliver the highest quality audio experience possible. The new LOOK is located at 625 West 57th Street in the iconic Bjarke Ingels’-designed VIA 57 WEST. This will be LOOK’s first New York City location and serves as the company’s flagship theatre. LOOK renovated the theatre from its predecessor by installing laser projection and GDC featuring DTS:X premium immersive sound technology, plus LOOK will feature a dine-in chef-inspired menu and craft beverage selections, which can be ordered from the reclining seats.


In addition to the SR-1000 media servers, LOOK installed GDC’s latest first-to-market innovation, the

AE-6703, AES67 / AES3 32 plus 32-channel Bidirectional Converter. The AE-6703 is a GDC exclusive audio solution that bridges the worlds between AES3 and AES67, which was launched at the recent CinemaCon 2023. In addition, LOOK installed the award-winning Cinema Automation CA2.0 built around the SCL Series Centralized Storage Playback Solution which integrates TMS-2000 to manage content delivery to the projectors with live-streaming technology. The auditoriums are also equipped with A/V systems to host special events, like film festivals and Q-and-A sessions with filmmakers. 


LOOK has eight auditoriums, ranging in size from 20 seats to 150 seats. Each one with wall-to-wall screens for a vibrant viewing experience. Two of the eight auditoriums are designed to take the moviegoing experience to the next level. The PX (Premium Experience) screening rooms feature DTS:X, which is quick and efficient to install, and offers a cost-effective premium immersive audio solution by adding additional speakers on the ceilings, making for a 3D sound experience for movie buffs. 


Advantages of DTS:X for IAB Technology

  • Flexible speaker configurations enable installation in auditoriums of all different sizes.
  • Retrofit theatres at lower cost, saving up to 50 percent compared to other immersive sound systems.
  • Higher accuracy in conveying sound movement, with object-based audio technology.
  • Backward compatibility with 5.1 and 7.1 systems.


“Providing an extraordinary cinematic audio experience to moviegoing audiences is our passion,” said Loren Nielsen, vice president, content & strategy of Xperi, the parent company of DTS, Inc. “It’s all about delivering the audio track exactly the way the filmmaker intended it to be heard – and that is what DTS:X does.”


“DTS:X for IAB ensures LOOK’s guests will be able to experience a realistic, rich audio experience, said Tony Adamson, senior vice president strategic planning for GDC Technology. “With GDC audio solutions and automation technology, LOOK Cinemas will be able to reinforce the company’s reputation for innovation, vision and delivering the best possible moviegoing experience.”


“LOOK is honored to open its flagship New York City location at 57 WEST. GDC is a dream partner with a deep passion for improving the moviegoing experience,” said Brian Schultz, CEO of LOOK Cinemas. “LOOK believes in the power of cinemas as a force for good, to bring communities together through its showmanship, luxury dine-in experience, diverse content and support of the creative community. We chose GDC audio solutions for our flagship to greatly enhance the listening experience that moviegoers in New York deserve.”  

About LOOK Dine-In Cinemas

LOOK Dine-In Cinemas is an innovator in the entertainment space and incorporates the newest technology to maximize the movie-going experience. LOOK’s auditoriums provide a state-of-the-art viewing environment for guests, featuring laser projection, wall-to-wall oversize screens, digital surround sound systems and luxury recliner seating. Look & Dine mobile ordering enables guests to customize their food and beverage choices and orders are delivered directly to their seats. LOOK Dine-In Cinemas operates 11 theatres and approximately 111 screens located in Texas, California, Florida, Arizona, Georgia and New York.


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