The 5 Things You Need to Know About the IAB Naming Convention

With the rollout of DTS:X for IAB (Immersive Audio Bitstream), the IAB-compliant DCP’s will be labeled “IAB” in the CPL.  Since this can be confusing, it’s time to clear up any confusion. Are you ready?  Here are the five most common questions you’ve always wanted to know (but didn’t know whom to ask).

No. The SMPTE ST 2098-2 established an immersive audio bitstream (IAB) standard that allows IAB-enabled auditoriums the capability to play DCPs that may use the IAB or Atmos naming convention. 

No. Only auditoriums with DTS:X rendering license and KDM can play DTS:X DCPs. As the motion picture industry transitions to IAB DCPs, some studios will continue to release DTS:X DCPs until they completely transition to IAB DCPs.

No. The IAB DCP contains the immersive audio delivery file. The IAB DCP requires an immersive audio KDM and IAB-capable processor to properly render and direct the audio to its designated sound placement in the auditorium. 

No. Each IAB-capable processor has its own licensing agreements and proprietary technologies. IAB is the interoperable immersive audio format on which the industry has agreed and standardized.  While all IAB capable processors can play the same IAB DCPs, only the auditorium featuring DTS:X licensed technology can only be promoted as DTS:X, regardless of the types of DCPs being played. 

No. Each format offers unique features, rendering algorithms, and optimization approaches, it is essential to consider the specific attributes and capabilities of each rendering solution when selecting an immersive audio system.  DTS:X for IAB offers a flexible design configuration that optimizes the immersive audio performance of each auditorium. DTS:X for IAB is completely interoperable with DCPs labeled either IAB, Atmos, or DTS:X.

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