Movie Theatre Owners in North and South America Choose GDC Theatre Management System

Over 600 Screens Change Out of Legacy TMS to GDC TMS-2000

LAS VEGAS, April 26, 2023 — GDC Technology Limited (‘GDC’), a leading global provider of digital cinema solutions, announced today cumulative sales in North and South America (The Americas) for its Theatre Management System (TMS-2000) exceeded forecast in 2022 with over 600 screens operated by leading circuits changing out their legacy theatre management system to TMS-2000 software. As a result of the continued rapid adoption in the first quarter of 2023, GDC expects growth of its TMS-2000 to exceed its annual forecast in The Americas, especially with TMS-2000WEB, the new web-based version which will be introduced at CinemaCon 2023 that allows multiple users to monitor booth operations at the same time from a web-browser.


TMS-2000 and TMS-2000WEB are the ultimate next generation theatre management solutions giving theatre owners centralized control over the entire complex. With refined features and easier to use than ever, TMS-2000 automates and streamlines all booth operations, making it simpler for theatre management to focus on taking care of guests attending a movie. Circuits with TMS-2000 can upgrade to the revolutionary Cinema Automation CA2.0, the first-ever centralized solution to leverage machine intelligence to automatically manage content storage and playback, show scheduling, power supply and screening quality. 


Key Features and Benefits

Complete Compatibility

  • Flexible software solution that works with all major brands of digital cinema equipment.
    TMS-2000 is not bundled with any major brand hardware and runs on the majority of Microsoft Windows platforms.

Fast Performance

  • Comprehensively redesigned with useful features and optimizations to serve all a theatre’s needs and allows users to take control right away with a faster start-up time.

Monitor and control screens from a single access point

  • Monitor every aspect of cinema screens immediately. The status of both the projector and audio device are displayed with real-time information while the Projector and Sound Processor Controller give users the control they need.

Schedule Shows at Your Convenience

  • Show Scheduler tracks and visualizes all scheduled shows for the day. Import your schedules from more than 30 pre-qualified POS. Add and delete them on your theatre screen with ease. If there’s an invalid Key Delivery Message (KDM) or missing Composite Playlist (CPL), a built-in alert will automatically notify operator and try to send those missing KDM/CPL to the digital cinema server.

Semi-Automated Show Scheduling by TMS Template System

  • TMS Template System is a powerful semi-automated mechanism that helps to create Show Playlists (SPL) with POS scheduling. The process can be performed efficiently and accurately, with minimal human intervention. POS scheduling with Template System allows users to associate CPLs to titles and configure the settings, it will then generate SPL and schedule the shows accordingly.

Automatic Detection of New Content by Content Watcher

  • Content Watcher keeps on watching the FTP server for new incoming DCPs, KDMs at a regular time interval. Once they are detected, they will be automatically ingested into the TMS server and allocated to the desired media servers.

Remote Access – TmsAware™ App

  • Monitors cinema operations in real-time remotely.

“Since its launch in 2004, we have continually added robust features to TMS-2000, including the launch of a web-based solution this year,” said Annie Wang, president of GDC Technology USA, LLC. “The conversion of over 900 screens operated by several leading circuits in The Americas from their legacy TMS system to TMS-2000 is a testament to the powerful features and ease of operations. We are excited to launch the new TMS-2000WEB, which will allow multiple users to monitor booth operations at the same time from a web browser, making it easier to use than ever.”

About GDC Technology Limited

GDC Technology Limited (‘GDC’) is a leading digital cinema solutions provider with its manufacturing facility certified with ISO 9001:2015 by SGS. GDC develops, manufactures, and sells cinema projector, media server for both projector and LED cinema display, content storage system, cinema enterprise software including theatre management system and advanced cinema automation system for the global cinema industry. GDC is a licensee of the DTS Surround and DTS:X with IAB, the object-based immersive sound technology from DTS, Inc. for the development of its media servers. In addition, GDC also provides a suite of digital cinema products and services, including LED cinema, 3D product, audio equipment, projector lamp, post-production service, and Electronic Delivery System (EDS).


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