One of the leading cinemas in China, Wushang Mall International Cinema, chose GDC CA2.0 and SR-1000 IMB



GDC has always been an important partner for us, and over the years, we have valued the quality and advanced features of GDC's products and solutions."

Mr. Huang Chao, General Manager of Wushang Group (Hubei Xiangsheng YinXing Entertainment Management Co., Ltd.)

Cinema Background

Wushang Mall International Cinema, a flagship cinema under Wushang Group, is currently the largest and highest-quality carrier-grade cinema in China. It officially opened on May 18, 2023 with a total investment exceeding 60 million Chinese Yuan. Located on the 6th to 8th floors of Zone B in WS Dream Plaza, the nearly 10,000 square meters cinema features 14 auditoriums with 2,733 seats, including an IMAX laser auditorium, a 20-meter LED screen auditorium, and VIP auditoriums.


WS Dream Plaza, where the cinema is situated, opened in 2022 and is the world’s largest commercial complex and a popular destination for family gatherings, with an investment of 12 billion Chinese Yuan, integrating commerce, culture, tourism, and sports. Shortly after its opening, the cinema soared to become the top local box office performer and has maintained that position to this day. It frequently appears in the monthly top 10 box office rankings nationwide. Within six months of opening, it became the leader in terms of annual cinema attendance. The average ticket price is only 40.2 yuan, and during the summer season, it achieved a box office of 15.377 million yuan with an attendance of 383,000, ranking second and first in the country, respectively. This success is not only due to its high standard positioning and unique design but also the first-class facility configuration.


Cinemas today face several challenges, including declining revenue, reduced staff to perform operational tasks and staff multitasking. Equipment that significantly reduces projection operations, minimizes workload, and offers reliable performance naturally becomes the preferred choice for users.


Wushang Mall International Cinema has 14 auditoriums, all managed by the GDC Cinema Automation CA2.0, significantly improving cinema management efficiency and quality. Additionally, the auditoriums are equipped with GDC’s SR-1000 IMB, the company’s 6th-generation media server. Mr. Huang Chao, General Manager of Wushang Group (Hubei Xiangsheng YinXing Entertainment Management Co., Ltd.), expressed, “GDC has always been an important partner for us, and over the years, we have valued the quality and advanced features of GDC’s products and solutions.”

GDC’s 6th generation media server SR-1000 IMB effectively reduces the total cost of ownership for users. Users choose this server for several reasons:

  1. The server utilizes medical and military-grade components, ensuring exceptional overall stability, and has been certified by SGS, the world’s largest certification and testing lab, for an average fault-free operation time of 100,000 hours, requiring almost zero maintenance.
  2. The server incorporates a CineCache 2TB solid-state memory chip (with a 4TB option), resulting in improved response speed and longevity, avoiding any playback interruptions.
  3. Its future-proof and flexible architecture provides cinemas with various cost-effective options, including 4K and built-in audio choices: (1) DTS Surround processor and (2) DTS:X immersive audio decoder that supports IAB standard. Thus providing cost-efficient upgrade options for audio enthusiasts. Through the highly integrated approach of the SR-1000 IMB, the maintenance of cinema equipment is therefore optimised.

The Cinema Automation CA2.0 provides comprehensive automated content management and playback, generating playlists automatically without human intervention, controlling power switches, and monitoring projection quality. It was the cinema’s optimal choice for error-free screenings to save time, energy, and costs. The central playback server SCL series of CA2.0 seamlessly integrates with the SR-1000 IMB and can store up to 2,000 DCI-compliant movie titles, and supports central playback for up to 30 auditoriums. This greatly enhances the flexibility of cinema scheduling and reduces reliance on local storage. When combined with Power Management Adapter PMA-2000, Quality Management System QMS-1000, and GDC other automation systems, it provides the highest quality and efficiency of cinema projection. All major flagship cinemas makes CA2.0 a must-have in their cinema multiplexes to ensure audiences an amazing moviegoing experience with highest quality of cinema operation.