Introducing the SR-1000 IMB Power-Packed Audio and Storage Features

Discover the latest advancements in our powerful SR-1000 IMB.


The SR-1000 IMB is renowned for its near-zero maintenance and minimal total cost of ownership. Thanks to its flexible architecture, we have added more advantages than other media servers. Let’s explore its latest features:


  1. Immerse in superior audio quality with the built-in DTS surround audio processor featuring Bass Management.
  2. Enjoy lightning-fast content ingest during playback with up to 4TB CineCache storage.
  3. Effortlessly manage up to 6TB movie libraries with external storage integration using the PSD-4000-SSD.

Why Built-in DTS Surround Audio Processor with Bass Management?

The SR-1000 IMB is available with built-in audio options such as a DTS Surround Audio Processor. With its bass management feature enabled, the DTS Surround Audio Processor precisely redirects low frequencies from the surround channels to dedicated left and right bass management subwoofers, compensating for the limitations of surround speakers to reproduce deep bass tones. This option allows exhibitors to cost-effectively upgrade a premium format auditorium with standard 7.1 and turn into a certified DTS Surround Cinema. You’ll quick discover DTS Surround Cinema improves the listening experience for moviegoers with superior audio quality.

Bass management subwoofers placed at extreme right and left corners of last row

Introducing the SR-1000 IMB Power-Packed Audio and Storage Features

How built-in CineCache 4TB can benefit you?

One of the unique features of the SR-1000 is its built-in CineCache 4TB or 2TB (built-in cache memory) storage option. CineCache is a game-changer in terms of content playback and processing HFR and HDR content at high speeds. This powerful storage solution eliminates the need for external hard drives, enabling lightning-fast content ingest during playback taking only 30 minutes to ingest a 90-120-minute movie. In addition, the CineCache option allows exhibitors to seamlessly play content while simultaneously ingesting new movies, significantly reducing wait times and increasing operational efficiency.

Introducing the SR-1000 IMB Power-Packed Audio and Storage Features

How seamless integration with external up to 6TB RAID SSD Storage can benefit you and your audience?

The SR-1000’s built-in CineCache storage is designed to be expanded with external PSD-4000-SSD creating a cost-effective and reliable up to 10TB SSD Storage for every cinema screen.

Introducing the SR-1000 IMB Power-Packed Audio and Storage Features

The compact and lightweight RAID SSD storage offers an additional RAID-5 3TB, 4TB, and 6TB. Exhibitors can easily move the entire content library from one auditorium to another with PSD-4000-SSD box, helping to increase revenue from a dark screen. It is time to eliminate old and less reliable HDD storage with all SSD storage for improved reliability and cost of operation.

Introducing the SR-1000 IMB Power-Packed Audio and Storage Features

As technology continues to advance, so does our commitment to bringing you cutting-edge solutions. Visit our website or contact our team to learn more about the revolutionary SR-1000 and how it can transform your cinema.