Wanda Cinema selects GDC for a repeat order of digital cinema systems

Deployment to involve 280 digital cinema servers and 45 Theatre Management Systems (TMS)

CINEASIA, Hong Kong (December 8, 2010) – GDC Technology (“GDC”), a world-leading digital cinema solution provider, is pleased to announce today the signing of a digital cinema deployment contract with Wanda Cinema. The contract is a repeat order which involves GDC supplying Wanda Cinema with 280 units of SX-2000A digital cinema servers with Integrated Media Block (“IMB”), as well as 45 units of Theater Management Systems (“TMS”) complete with a full theater automation solution. It is expected that full deployment will be completed by the first quarter of 2012.


Wanda Cinemas was established in 2005. Within just 5 years, Wanda Cinema became the top cinema chain in China. In September 2010, Wanda Cinema’s box-office takings broke the 1 billion RMB mark, the first time in China. Mr. Li Yao Han, Senior Vice President of Wanda Group and President of Wanda Cinema, shall receive the prestigious ‘The Exhibitor of the Year’ award on behalf of Wanda Cinema at CineAsia 2010 which is the only international convention dedicated to the Asian cinema exhibition and distribution community. This is the very first time an exhibitor from China to receive this highly-regarded international award.


“With Wanda Cinema breaking the 1 billion RMB mark in box-office takings and also winning the prestigious ‘The Exhibitor of the Year’ award at CineAsia 2010, we feel really proud and excited at what we have achieved. All these can be attributed to the full dedication and commitment of our staff and our adoption of digital cinema solutions in the past 5 years,” said Mr. Li Yao Han, President of Wanda Cinema. “Our rapid growth could not have been achieved without the support of GDC, a world-leading digital cinema solution provider with excellent technical know-how and professional after-sales services. We have been working closely with GDC since day one and its digital cinema solutions are able to catch up with our evolving needs.”


“Wanda Cinema’s impeccable theater management and relentless drive to provide the best theatrical experience for its patrons explain its rapid ascend to the top in just 5 years. We would like to congratulate Wanda Cinema on winning the well deserved ‘The Exhibitor of the year’ award at CineAsia 2010,” said Dr. Man-Nang Chong, founder, and CEO of GDC Technology. “We are pleased that another CineAsia winner has selected GDC’s full spectrum of digital cinema products comprising a new generation of servers with IMB, theater automation, and TMS systems. GDC will continue to provide Wanda Cinema with the latest and best digital cinema technology so that its patrons can continue to enjoy the fully immersive cinematic experience. I regard this as our best way to repay the goodwill of a cherished customer and we look forward to achieving more with Wanda Cinema in the future.”


About GDC Technology Limited (www.gdctech.com)

GDC Technology (“GDC”) is a subsidiary of the Hong Kong publicly listed company – Global Digital Creations Holdings Limited. As one of the leading global solution providers for digital cinema, media delivery, and display markets, GDC has successfully delivered and installed digital cinema servers and advanced digital signage systems worldwide. GDC is currently the largest supplier of cinema servers throughout Asia and the second largest provider of cinema servers worldwide, serving its customers through offices in the US, Singapore, Hong Kong, and China. GDC also holds Virtual Print Fee (“VPF”) agreements with major US studios and acts as a third-party for the major deployment of digital cinema systems in Asia and North America.


About Wanda Cinema (http://www.wandafilm.com)

Established in 2005, within just 5 years, Wanda Cinema became the top cinema chain in China. Wanda Cinema has built 21 premium multiplexes with over 200 screens, totaling 71 multiplex and 600 screens, representing 15% of the total box office revenue in China. Wanda Cinema aims to build over 23 multiplexes totaling 210 screens by 2011 with a total of 94 multiplexes and 810 screens, representing 18% of the total box office revenue in China and becoming the top cinema chain in Asia. It has also set its sight on owning over 120 multiplexes with 1100 screens, and box office revenue exceeding 3 billion RMB by 2012, becoming a world-leading cinema chain.

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Wanda Cinema selects GDC for a repeat order of digital cinema systems
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Wanda Cinema selects GDC for a repeat order of digital cinema systems
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