GDC Technology’s EN-2000 DSR™ Digital Film Agile Encoder Scores Well with Users

Singapore (May 27, 2008) – Building on the success of its highly popular EN-1000 DSRTM Digital Film Agile Encoder, GDC Technology is pleased to announce the launch of its next-generation encoder, the EN-2000 DSR™ Digital Film Agile Encoder.


With more studios releasing digital content in the JPEG2000 format, there is a need for a postproduction facility to be equipped with the proper mastering capabilities to create digital movie files for distribution to cinemas. GDC Technology’s EN-2000 DSRTM Digital Film Agile Encoder is a product specifically designed to address this issue.


The EN-2000 DSR™ Digital Film Agile Encoder retains all the features of its predecessor, the EN1000. In addition, the EN-2000 has the following new features:

1. 2K DCI JPEG2000 compression – support for real-time or faster

2. 4K DCI JPEG2000 compression

3. Input sources expanded to include TIFF, DPX, and Targa files

4. Image processing options such as cropping and scaling

5. Color conversion using a 3D lookup table

6. Automatic color conversion to DCI X’Y’Z’ color space

7. Support for SMPTE-compliant DCI packages including the stereoscopic package

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To date, many of our customers have started to upgrade to the EN-2000. They include Hualong Film Digital Production Co. Ltd (China), Mukta Adlabs Digital Exhibition Pte Ltd (India), Mega Films Enterprises Pte Ltd (Singapore), Shaw Organization (Singapore), and Taipei Motion Picture Corporation (Taiwan), with more in the pipeline scheduled to roll out in the second half of 2008.


“We wasted no time to place orders on the EN-2000 the moment it was launched. The addition of the EN-2000 will allow us to offer the latest in postproduction technology to better serve our customers. The reliability and versatility of the EN-1000 have been legendary; we believe the EN2000 will be equally impressive.” said Mr. Wang JianXiong, Technical Director of Hualong Film Digital Production Co. Ltd, China.


“GDC Technology has made a great product even better. We find the newly added features on cropping/scaling and automatic color conversion particularly useful,” commented Mr. Charles Hu, Chairman of Taiwan Motion Picture Corporation. “GDC Technology really understands the needs of its customers.”


“The EN-2000, much like its predecessor EN-1000, is very reliable and intuitive to use,” said Ms. Jessie Chia, Managing Director of Mega Films, Singapore. “Upgrading EN-1000 to EN-2000 was a breeze; it was all done via software remotely with no change in our hardware whatsoever. I can’t think of an easier way than this!”


“EN-2000 is yet another product from us to bring to our customers the latest in digital cinema technology. Our customers’ hardware investment in EN-1000 is well protected because we allow a software upgradable path to EN-2000. This means big savings in both time and money for our customers.” said Dr Chong, CEO and founder of GDC Technology.
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