GDC Technology ShowcasesInnovative One-Stop Cinema Solutionsat CineAsia 2014

CineAsia, Hong Kong (December 8, 2014) GDC Technology Limited (“GDC Technology”), a world-leading digital cinema solutions provider, will showcase its lineup of costeffective and comprehensive cinema solutions at booth #313 at CineAsia 2014 at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre, from December 9th to 11th.


Delegates visiting the GDC Technology booth will have the opportunity to experience GDC cornerstone digital cinema solutions designed to help the exhibitors reduce operating expenses and improve efficiency. GDC Technology will showcase the following digital cinema solutions covering a wide range of exhibitor needs.


SX3000 Standalone IMB®

As the industry’s first standalone IMB, the SX3000 Standalone Integrated Media Block® (SX3000 IMB) sets the standard for simple and hasslefree digital cinema solutions. The SX3000 IMB significantly lowers operation, maintenance, and installation costs by eliminating the need for an external file server while offering High Frame Rate (“HFR”) capability in both 2D and 3D, live 3D support, digital connectivity for alternative content such as 3G HDSDI and HDMI input with image upscaling.


To complete GDC’s IMB solution, GDC’s Portable Storage, Enterprise Storage, and the new Enterprise Storage Plus are dedicated storage devices designed to work for a long time (optional 10-year warranty is available) with the SX3000 IMB. The Enterprise Storage devices provide large storage options of up to 8TB of redundant hot-swappable storage, which can store approximately 76 movies. The new Enterprise Storage Plus retains all power features of Enterprise Storage plus a builtin CRU port for faster content ingestion.


CLA2000 Content Library Adapter

The new CLA2000 Content Library Adapter (CLA2000) is a highly reliable content ingest and backup solution that simplifies theatre operations. With the CLA2000, users can transfer content from one single source to multiple storage devices simultaneously, ingest content from a Linux based CRU hard disk to a Windows-based LMS server, transfer content easily from one single hard disk, for example from a CRU, to a backup storage device such as GDC Portable Storage or Enterprise Storage. CLA2000 also provides system flexibility with the 2 USB ports and 2 eSATA ports. All these functions give exhibitors the flexibility to transfer, ingest, and backup content with or without TMS.


TMS2000 Theatre Management System

To better serve customer needs, the newly released TMS2000 Theatre Management Software (“TMS2000”) offers TMS1000 functions with over 50 new features and improvements. In addition, a newly developed mobile app extends theater management to mobile platforms(such as the iPad)for complete ease of use. The optional Quality Manager feature brings you excellent value in ensuring the right level of projector brightness, crisp color, and crystalclear audio free from distortion.


Network Operations Center (NOC)

GDC Technologys stateoftheart NOC, featuring remote monitoring and reporting, technical call support, preventative servicing, onsite emergency response, and critical spares replenishment programs, safeguards exhibitors to run their business at an optimal level of 24×7. GDC Technologys technical support team is professional and skilled and stands ready to provide early identification of potential issues, giving exhibitors the added confidence that they are well covered in the event of an emergency or malfunction of the digital cinema equipment.


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Booth No. 313, Hong Kong Convention and ExhibitionCentre, December 911.


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GDC Technology Limited (“GDC Technology”) is a digital cinema solutions provider. GDC Technology develops, manufactures, and sells digital cinema servers, content storage systems, theater management systems, and network operations center software for digital cinema. GDC Technology also provides a suite of digital cinema products and services, including integrated projection systems, 3D products, projector lamps, and silver screens. GDC Technology’s subsidiary, GDC Digital Cinema Network Limited, manages VPF for approximately 5,000 theater screens and 250 motion picture distributors worldwide.


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