GDC Technology showcases new innovations at CineAsia 2012

CINEASIA, Hong Kong(December 10, 2012) GDC Technology (“GDC Tech”), a world-leading digital cinema solution provider, will showcase a wide range of innovative digital cinema solutions, backed by its technical support team, in booth #311 at CineAsia 2012 at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre in Wanchai, from December 11th to 13th.


SX3000 Standalone Integrated Media Block™(“IMB”)

Since its debut at CineAsia 2011, the SX3000 Standalone IMBhas revolutionized the architecture of digital cinema and has received strong support from the cinema industry. The groundbreaking SX3000 Standalone IMBeliminates the need for a file server, which allows for incredible flexibility of boothless cinema design and reduces the cost of operating and maintaining the digital cinema theaters.SX3000 Standalone IMBcan seamlessly integrate with all types of DLP Cinema® projectors, including the latestS2K DLP Cinema®family of projectors. Moreover, the SX3000 Standalone IMBfeatures a gigabit Ethernet connection for long-distance content streaming and remote access. It also supports high frame rate (“HFR”) playback in both 2D and 3D (at 48 and 60 frames per second per eye), as well as 4K resolution. SX3000is capable of playing compression bit rates of up to 500Mbpswhich satisfies the “High Frame Rates Digital Cinema Recommended Practice” issued by DCI on September 28 of this year.


PSD3000 Portable Storage Device

The PSD3000 Portable StorageDevice is a highly reliable content storage solution that works seamlessly with the SX3000 Standalone IMB. The PSD3000 features 3 hot-swappable data drives based on RAID 5 technology allowing it to remain operational in the event of a single drive failure. Moreover, it can be mounted on the DLP Cinema® projectors in accordance with specific mount configurations. A variation of this model that can be directly inserted into projector pedestals is also available. All PSD3000 storage devices do not require a PC onboard to manage the HDDs hence reducing the cost of maintaining and operating the Standalone IMBwith PSD3000. Standalone IMB without the need for an external server to manage the data drives is indisputable the most cost-effective solution for today’s digital cinema. Standalone IMB is a new architecture widely adopted by leading projection companies. More importantly, the PSD3000 external storage device is an optimal storage solution without the need for a server and without stressing the HDDs on the heat radiating IMB that concealed inside the projector chassis. GDCTechshares the same belief with the projector manufacturer that concealing all the hard disk drives within the projector chassis is an undesirable design that is highly unreliable. Furthermore, the PSD3000 is easily accessible if replacement of just one or all HDDs is required.


TMS1000 Theatre Management System and Network Operations Centre(NOC)

With almost 8,000 screens installed worldwide, the TMS1000 Theatre Management System significantly streamlines the management of a multiplex from a centralized point of control. TMS1000 allows content, KDM, and playlist management via a network connection. Moreover, it provides show playback control and monitors the status of the digital cinema server, projector, and other theatrical devices. Furthermore, our NOC runs 24/7, 365 days a year, providing comprehensive customer services, network management, and technical support.


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As one of the world’s leading global solution providers for digital cinema, media delivery, and display markets, GDC Technology (GDC Tech) has successfully delivered and installed digital cinema servers, projection, and 3D systems worldwide. GDC Tech is currently the largest supplier of digital cinema servers throughout Asia and the second largest provider of digital cinema servers worldwide, serving its customers through offices in the US, Spain, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, and China. GDC Tech is a portfolio company of The Carlyle Group.

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