GDC Technologyreaches new heightsin 2012

Achieving a 60% increase over server installations in 2011

CINEASIA, Hong Kong(December 11, 2012) GDC Technology (“GDC Tech”), a world-leading digital cinema solution provider, is proud to announce that it rounds up a successful year in the global digital cinema market with a number of significant contracts. In addition, GDC Tech’s combined installations of digital cinema servers and integrated media blocks (“IMBs”) reached new heights of 23,000units, 12,000 of which have been installed in the Asia Pacific, representing a global increase of 60%ascompared with 2011.


During the past 13 years, GDC Tech has won a large market share and fine reputation thanks to its strong determination in innovation and service. Accordingly, GDC Tech is reporting impressive results for its penetration in Asia Pacific markets and continues to lead the market. Its current market share is 81%in Hong Kong, 90%in Singapore, close to 60%in China and Taiwan, more than 50% in Korea, and 40% in Japan. Top exhibition customers continue to show a preference for GDC Tech’s solutions by choosing them over competing products


“Asia Pacific is a significant growing market for GDC Tech. Attaining dominant market share in the region is a major achievement for the company,” said Dr. ManNang Chong, founder, and CEO of GDC Tech. “We have witnessed rapid growth in Asia Pacific’s digital cinema industry in 2012 and have been dedicated to providing quality products and services. We are proud that an increasing number of customers are choosing GDC Tech.”


Digital cinema deployments featuring GDC Tech’s products in the Asia Pacific in 2012 include:

CGVCinema (China and Korea)(“CGV”) 150 units

CPV is a subsidiary of CJ Group with 85cinemasoperating in Korea. CGV entered China’s market in 2006 and is currently running about 13cinemaswith 91 screens including in Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, and Xi’an.


Guangzhou Jinyi Film & Television Media Co. Ltd. (“Jinyi”) 200 units

Jinyi cinema chain commenced operations in April 2008. Jinyi is now operating wholly-owned and franchised theatres totaling 107 cinemas with 636 screens in China.


Hengdian Film Entertainment Ltd. (“Hengdian”) 300 units

Hengdian is a leading Chinese company focusing on cinema chain operations, the filming and marketing of TV drama series, and the financing of TV and movierelated investment projects. Hengdian is currently operating 85 cinemas with 468 screens.


INOX Leisure (“INOX”) and Fame India Limited (“FAME”) 300 units

GDC Tech has signed an exclusive contract with INOX and FAME, jointly the largest cinema chain in India, to deploy 300 integrated systems with GDCTech’sIMB, theatre management system, theatre automation system, and nationwide network operations center.


Orange Sky Golden Harvest Cinemas (China) Co. Ltd. (“OSGH”) 200 units

Since OSGH’s first cinema opened in Hong Kong in 1977, it has expanded into the China market and has been operating 36 multiplexes with 264 screens nationwide.


Shangdong Luxin Cinema Ltd. (“Luxin”) 150 units

As one of the culture industry’s projects in Shandong, Luxin aims to integrate the cinema chain into the nationally recognized Shangdong brand. Luxin is currently operating19 wholly-owned cinemas with 136 screens


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As one of the world’s leading global solution providers for digital cinema, media delivery, and display markets, GDC Technology (GDC Tech) has successfully delivered and installed digital cinema servers, projection, and 3D systems worldwide. GDC Tech is currently the largest supplier of digital cinema servers throughout Asia and the second largest provider of digital cinema servers worldwide, serving its customers through offices in the US, Spain, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, and China. GDC Tech is a portfolio company of The Carlyle Group.

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