FAQs About Batteries for GDC Media Servers and IMBs

Both security and nonsecurity functions take place within media blocks of DCI projection systems. Security functions use the media block’s Private Key to enforcDCI’s digital rights management. When the media server or IMB is turned off for a long time there is a possibility for the battery to fully discharge, causing loss of the Private Key. This can only be repaired by returning the device to GDC with a scheduled Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA).

If you have shut off your GDC media servers, you should power them up for an hour every 30 days (“Maintenance Power Up”). Maintenance Power Up allows the media server to perform operating system housekeeping, performs checks on battery, licenses, etc, and keepit in good working condition.

Please note that some error or warning messages may only appear on newer versions of 9x,10x, and SR1000 software.


  • If your servers are under warranty and “battery low” warning shows up during Maintenance Power Up, you should contact GDC Support as soon as possible to arrange for a battery replacement.
  • If your servers are outofwarranty, please contact GDC Customer Service or your preferred dealer for options.

Failure to do so within a month of the first warning risks the security keys and certificates being permanently lost. If any other error/warning shows up, such as an expired server software license and/or server warranty during a Maintenance Power Up, you should resolve the error/warning as soon as possible to avoid failure leading to RMA.

If your servers are over three (3) years old with batteries well past the rated battery lifespan for your model(s) and the batteries have never been replaced, there is a strong possibility that an extended time “off ” can cause the batteries to go under voltage. In such a case, the server will not be able to operate until that media block/IMB is replaced. For this scenario, we highly recommend replacing your servers’ batteries first before shutting down.


Please refer to the table below for battery operating and shelf life for each of the GDC server models.

FAQs About Batteries for GDC Media Servers and IMBs

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