Grand Cinema Sunshine Installs GDC Future-Proof Cinema Automation 2.0 System

Sasaki Kogyo enters the future of cinema operations with award-winning cinema automation & media server technologies

HONG KONG, July 23, 2019 GDC Technology Limited (‘GDC’), a leading global provider of digital cinema solutions, announced today that Grand Cinema Sunshine is the first cinema owned by Sasaki Kogyo Co. Ltd. to deploy the innovative Cinema Automation2.0(CA2.0) and SR1000 Standalone Integrated Media Block™ with CineCache™ designed to fully automate workflow in a cinema multiplex while offering moviegoers much more content with an advanced central media server capable of storing, managing and streaming thousands of movies.

The Grand Cinema Sunshine, Sasaki’s 14th project comprises 12 screens when opened on July 19. The cinema has 2,443 seats, allRGB laser projection and is located on the 4th through 14th floors in the Q Plaza Ikebukuro building. Auditorium 5 and 6 feature a premium experience, named BESTIA, for its delivery of the BEST Immersive Audiovisual. Two DTS:X immersive sound systems from GDC are also installed in the BESTIA auditoriums. The complex also features Japan’s first 4DX with Screen X technology in Auditorium 4.

“Sasaki Kogyo is committed to always installing the most innovative technologies that benefit our moviegoers. GDC’s Cinema Automation and its latest media servers were selected for its unprecedented cinema automation and highquality media servers, said Mr. Shinichi Sasaki, CEO of Sasaki Kogyo Co. Ltd.

“CA2.0 and SR1000 were developed from our 20year knowledge of digital cinema and constantly working with our industry partners, such as Sasaki, said Dr. ManNang Chong, founder, chairman, and CEO for GDC Technology Limited. “The installation of our newest products at Grand Cinema Sunshine provides them with technology ahead of its time, offering operational efficiency and flexibility with automation designed for today’s and tomorrow’s digital cinema world.”

CA2.0 incorporates the SCL Centralized Playback Server Seriesan integrated centralized storage and playback system designed to streamline content management, and leverages machine intelligence to increase efficiency while dramatically reducing the need for human intervention. SCL series servers offer each auditorium access to a wide assortment of movies from a centralized server without the need for local storage attached to every media server. The SCL Centralized Playback Server stores manage and stream hundreds of movie titles to all the auditoriums within a cinema multiplex. It is designed to meet exhibitors’ demand for an “online” content solution that enables them to maintain competitiveness in today’s market.

GDC media server family is the only solution currently available that supports all cinema display technologies at the highest specifications including 4k at 120fps. Besides, the GDC media server is built with embedded power electronics used in medical and military applications, not to mention its nearzero maintenance and minimal total cost of ownership without the need for a local hard disk drive storage.

About Sasaki Kogyo Co. Ltd.

Sasaki Kogyo Co. Ltd. is the company that operates the Japanese cinema chain Cinema Sunshine. Its business activities include the staging of film, theater, musical events in its multiplexes, as well as the operations of various entertainment facilities in its various cinemas, such as restaurants and retail shops.

About Cinema Sunshine
Cinema Sunshine is a Japanese cinema chain with 116 cinema screens and 18,958 seats at 14 sites around the country. In 1985, the opening of its flagship cinema complex in Tokyo’s Ikebukuro district marked the beginning of Cinema Sunshine’s expansion throughout Japan. Under the “Communitybased Cinema” concept, it aims to create entertainment spaces to boost the development of surrounding areas and to improve cinematic culture.
Cinema Sunshine will continue to expand its footprint in Japan and maintain its focus on the deployment of worldleading technologies to create the best cinema experience with excellent added value to retain and expand its customer base.
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GDC Technology Limited (‘GDC’) is a leading digital cinema solutions provider. GDC develops, manufactures, and sells media servers, content storage systems, theatre management systems, and network operations center software for the global cinema industry. GDC is a licensee of the DTS: X™objectbased immersive sound technology from DTS, Inc. for the development of its media servers. In addition, GDC also provides a suite of digital cinema products and services, including integrated projection systems, 3D products, projector lamps, and silver screens. GDC Digital Cinema Network Limited, a GDC subsidiary, manages VPFs for over 6,300 theatre screens and with more than 650 studios or motion picture distributors worldwide.
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