Shanghai Film Studio's 20M RMB Digital Film "Red Snow" Is Now Out For Screening In Theatres.

Digital Release of Shanghai Film Studio’s “Red Snow” on November 7, 2002 at DSR equipped digital cinema theatres.


November 2002, Home-bred 20m RMB thriller movie “Red Snow” is now out for screening in digital cinema theatres. Shot digitally, “Red Snow” is the biggest investment of Shanghai Film Studio this year. It is directed by Zhang Jian Ya, a fifth generation director, who is credited with the high
tech film “The emergency landing”.


It is the first ever film shot with digital cinecamera in China and has the most number of stunt scenes till now in China’s film history. About 60% of the stunt scenes are computer generated like the scenes showing the disastrous sandstorm, mudslide or the catastrophic airplane crash etc. The director is successful in recreating the splendid and prosperous historic sight of Tibet’s Guge Empire.”Digital film making provides limitless possibilities for film makers”, said director Zhang Jian Ya praising the technology.


This large budget movie was digitally released on DSR equipped digital cinema theatres in Shanghai using DSR’s MPEG2 4:2:2 Digital Film Agile Encoder with Texas Instruments’ CineLink encryption. Director Zhang Jian Ya was present to witness the mastering of the feature film for digital cinema release at Shanghai Film Studio.