Digital Cinema at Your Fingertips

GDC TmsRemote ("TmsRemote") is designed to be in perfect sync with TMS-2000. With just a few taps on your iPad, you can manage all screens from anywhere in your theatre. Monitor, control and schedule shows as if you were in front of your TMS-2000.

Key Functions
Remote control and monitoring

Every aspect of the cinema screens can be monitored and controlled at a glance, including the status of server, projector and audio device are displayed with real-time information. You can also control and monitor the show playback remotely.

Show Scheduler

You can now track and visualize all your scheduled shows for the day on your iPad. Besides, TmsRemote allows you to add and delete the shows on your theatre screens with ease.

Setting up TmsRemote is simple*

Download the TmsRemote app from the App Store

Ensure TMS-2000 can be accessed from Wi-Fi

Launch TmsRemote and it will automatically detect TMS-2000 and connect

Download on the AppStore
*A license of TMS-2000 is required for using TmsRemote