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SCL-3000 Mk2 • SCL-4000 Mk2

Enabling playback of thousands of movies from a central server to each and every screen in a 30-plex cinema, the SCL Mk2 Series of centralized playback servers are designed for unmanned operation using Cinema Automation CA2.0 technology.

SCL Mk2 Series servers offer each auditorium access to a wide assortment of movies from a centralized server without the need of local storage attached to every media server. They are designed with scalability and reliability in mind. Their storage capacity can be customized based on the number of screens (from 4 to 30) and the number of movie titles (up to a few thousands DCPs) to be stored and streamed to all the auditoriums. With the storage capacity increased by up to 100 times when compared to the traditional method, SCL Mk2 Series servers are the answer to exhibitors' demand for an “online” content solution that enables them to maintain competitiveness in today’s market.

By integrating SCL Mk2 Series servers with Cinema Automation CA2.0, cinema operation can be streamlined with Automatic Content Management, Show Playlist Generation and Intelligent Cinema Equipment Management. Manual operation or human intervention is significantly reduced.

Key Features

Content ingestion time is greatly eliminated
(approx. 30 minutes ingest time per movie)

Centralized content playback to 30 screens is enabled with one single ingest to SCL-4000 Mk2 server. Repetitive content ingest for each auditorium is eliminated.

Greater flexibility in content scheduling
Content can be real-time programmed with ease according to the changing demand; programmer can choose any movie (from a library of thousands of movies) to play on any screen, or to all the screens.

Playback stability and reliability increase by 30 times1
Traditional IMBs need local HDD storage hence content ingest and playback is a slow painful process that often results in interruption during screening. SCL-4000 Mk2 server performs fast real-time content ingest (local storage is not needed for each media server) with uninterrupted playback to all the 30 screens. It offers unprecedented efficiency in operation and flexibility in programming.

Content storage of each and every auditorium increases by 100 times2 and to up to 2,000 movies when compared to local storage
SCL-4000 Mk2 supports RAID-6 hot swappable storage of up to 204TB. Content is stored in centralized server and is live-streamed to all the auditoriums. Each auditorium can access over 2,000 DCl-compliant movies.

Fail-safe technology
In the unlikely event of SCL Mk2 central server failure, there is no interruption to the operation of the multiplex. GDC media servers and SCL Mk2 series servers are built with point-to-point fail-safe technology to ensure seamless and autonomous playback even in the absence of the central server or its network. Please refer to GDC media server – SR-1000 with CineCache™ technology.

Simultaneously ingest and playback to multiple auditoriums
Ingest at maximum speed while streaming content up to 30 auditoriums simultaneously. DCP ingestion and transfers are enabled during centralized playback.

The comparisons are based on the actual operation in a multiplex with 30 screens:
1 Between the usage of traditional systems with up to 30 local storage devices and the usage of a SCL-4000 Mk2 for all 30 screens.
2 Between a local storage device with 2TB capacity and a SCL-4000 Mk2 server with 204TB capacity.