Power management device for digital cinema

The GDC PMA-2000 is a power management device designed especially for theatre projection rooms. It provides intelligent power supply management for theatre equipment, giving exhibitors the means to achieve a completely unmanned projection framework.

Key Benefits

Compact and Lightweight
Suitable for even the most compact equipment rooms, the aluminum chassis of the PMA-2000 allows for a small and lightweight form factor, minimizing the requisite wall space and reducing limitations on wall material during installation and integration.

Network Control
The PMA-2000 supports both UDP and TCP network protocols, giving users the means to gain direct remote access through the GDC TMS or other network management platforms with UDP or TCP support.

Fault Detection
With built-in power supply failure detection, the PMA-2000 provides instant power supply updates for connected equipment, enabling users to quickly and accurately pinpoint the origin of fault.

Standard Wiring
The PMA-2000 uses a universal wiring method for terminal wiring. This design meets wiring standards in all regions, making installation standardized and easy to maintain.

Secure Operation
The PMA-2000’s control panel features 8 sets of LED control buttons and 1 unlock button. The LEDs provide indication of the power supply status of connected equipment, while the control buttons manage their respective power supply. To protect against mistaken operation, each control button will not function unless it is pressed concurrently with the unlock button.