Dec 2007

GDC Technology participates in Cine Asia 2007

GDC Technology took part in Cine Asia 2007 which was held, for the first time, in Macau, China. It was an honor for GDC Technology to be part of this event and, more importantly, an opportune moment for GDC to thank our Asian business associates, partners and customers for their overwhelming and continued support.

The 6x1 video wall powered by the SDM-4000 DSR™ Display Maestro from GDC Technology

GDC’s SA-2100 DSR™ Digital Film Server used for digital screening at Barco (above) and Panasonic (below) booths
Dr. Man-Nang CHONG, founder and CEO of GDC Technology, speaking at one of the CineAsia seminars.

Dr. Man-Nang CHONG sharing his views on the industry at the ICTA Seminar Series “Third Party Integrators & China Digital Cinema

Dr. Man-Nang CHONG speaking at CineAsia breakfast seminar “Digital Cinema: A Global Status”

GDC Technology – The Beverage Sponsor for the Final Night Banquet and Awards Ceremony

Dr. Man-Nang CHONG, founder and CEO of GDC Technology (left) receives the Beverage Sponsor Award from the CineAsia organizing committee
Dr. Man-Nang CHONG (extreme right) with Mr. Raymond Chow (2nd from right) – the “CineAsia Visionary Award” recipient with Mr. Chow’s wife and daughte

The CineAsia Award recipients

The GDC Team at CineAsia 2007
Dec 2007

GDC Technology marks its 1000th installation

GDC Technology surpassed the 1000th installation mark of DSR ™ servers in cinema theaters worldwide, including countries like Austria, Africa, China, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Korea, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, The Netherlands, UK and the USA. So far, 350 full-length features released digitally using GDC Technology’s DSR™ servers and this number looks set to grow. CEO and Founder Dr. Man Nang Chong of GDC Technology commend this great achievement.

Nov 2007

GDC Technology chosen for digital screening of Beowolf

Aside from the US, GDC Technology's DCI-2000 DSR™ Digital Cinema Integrated Projection Systems were also selected by cinema exhibitors to screen Beowulf in Asia and Europe. This Hollywood blockbuster film was made available in Digital Cinema 3D format and highly endorsed for screening by Mr. Dan O'Neil, Managing of O'Neil Theaters in the US, Ms. Belinda Tang, General Manager of Golden Harvest in HongKong/Asia and Jack Chang, President of Cinemark-Core Pacific Ltd with headquarters in the US.

Some of GDC’s recent 3D Installations

US, O’Neil Theaters

Hongkong, UA Cinemas

Taiwan, Cinemark

Hongkong, Golden Harvest

Korea, Lotte Cinema

Europe, Kolosej
The DCI-2000 DSR™ Digital Cinema Integrated System was used for the digital screening of BeoWulf 3D worldwide.
Sep 2007

GDC Technology conducts 3D presentation at the 5th SMPTE International Forum

GDC Technology showcased the 3D playback capability of our SA-2100 DSR™ Digital Film Server alongside Xpand’s 3D solution at a forum during the 64th Venice International Film Festival. The forum’s theme was ‘3D Stereoscopic Production, Distribution and Exhibition in the Digital Cinema Evolution. This successful collaboration enabled attendees to see films such as “Fly Me To Moon” from Nwaves and “Beowulf” from Warner Bros in 3D through reusable active glasses on a normal white screen instead of the typical silver screen. Mr. Ami Dror of XpanD, EVP of Business Development, was amazed by GDC Technology’s cutting-edge products and the overwhelming crowd we attracted. This is testimony of GDC Technology’s expertise and deserving status of “best associate” in Digital Cinema Technology.

Aug 2007

GDC Technology wins award at BIRTV 2007

GDC Technology’s SA-2100 DSR™ Digital Film Server bagged the ‘BIRTV Award for Most Outstanding Product’ at the prestigious BIRTV 2007held in Beijing, China. BIRTV is an annual exhibition of equipment and technologies relating to international content acquisition, creation, production and distribution in the field of Radio, TV and Film.

SA-2100 DSR™ Digital Film Server from GDC Technology receives BIRTV AWARD for Outstanding Product
Aug 2007

3D demo at BIRTV2007

GDC Technology and XpanD collaborated to present a 3D demonstration at the BIRTV2007. The SA-2100 DSR™ Digital Film Server was set up with XpanD's active system and Barco's projector for the 3D screening of “Beowulf”, “Star Wars”, “Car Race” and “Fly Me to The Moon”.

BIRTV 2007 at Beijing, China

GDC Technology’s booth at BIRTV 2007
DCI-2000 DSR™ Digital Cinema Integrated Projection System for live screenings in the mini-cinema at GDC’s booth

our 47-inch LCDs powered by SDM-4000
DSR™ Display Maestro from GDC Technology

Four 47-inch LCDs powered by SDM-4000 DSR™ Display Maestro from GDC Technology at the entrance of BIRTV exhibition hall
GDC Holdings President Chen presenting at Digital Cinema Forum
Aug 2007

GDC Technology holds Vietnam’s premiere digital cinema screening

GDC Technology made history again by conducting Vietnam’s first digital cinema screening. Advertisements, trailers and short films were digitally screened using GDC’s SA-2100 DSR™ Digital Film Server alongside Panasonic’s PT-10000 projector. The presentation was made possible by Panasonic and MMC. Among those present at the event were filmmakers, exhibitors, distributors, producers and the press.

Digital Screening at Đống Đa Cinema, operated by Saigon Movies
Lunch reception after the demonstration
Jun 2007

GDC Technology presents latest product at CineExpo 2007

GDC Technology’s DCI-2000 DSR™ Digital Cinema Integrated ProjectionSystem was unveiled at CineExpo 2007 in consortium with Barco. This marked the first appearance of the product in Europe since its launch at Showest in early 2007. Barco adopted the DCI-2000 in their screening theater, playing trailers of upcoming blockbuster movies from various Hollywood studios.

GDC and Barco at CineExpo

The DCI-2000 DSR™ Digital Cinema Integrated Projection System at CineExpo 2007
Mar 2007

GDC Technology unveils new digital cinema product

GDC Technology presented our latest offering in the digital cinema market at ShoWest 2007 - the SA-2100DSR™ Digital Film Server. The product has a 33% reduction in size and is made to meet DCI specifications such as Texas Instruments' CineLink™ 2, a Hollywood-approved forensic watermarking technology with a FIPS-140 security feature. The SA-2100 supports DCI-defined 2K and 4K Digital Cinema Packages (DCP) and JPEG2000, and remains backward compatible with the Interop MPEG2 MFX format. Other products presented at ShoWest 2007 included the DCI-2000 DSR™ Digital Cinema Integrated Projection System and the DSR™ SDM-4000 Digital Maestro.

New digital cinema product unveiled at ShoWest 2007 – the SA-2100 DSR™ Digital Film Server

Four 57-inch LCDs powered by the SDM4000 DSR(TM) Display Maestro System from GDC Technology

DCI-2000 DSR(TM) Digital Cinema Integrated System launched at ShoWest 2007
Mar 2007

GDC Technology achieves another industry first

GDC Technology introduces the world's 1 st integrated solution to ease the digitization of cinema – the  DCI-2000 DSR™ Digital Cinema Integrated Projection System. This product puts an end to the challenges currently faced by the industry. The DCI-2000 provides the cinema industry with a hassle-free, precise and reliable execution of integrated projection systems. It eases delivery, installation, maintenance, and operation in digital cinema systems via a simple and cohesive user interface.

The World’s First Integrated Solution from GDC Technology – DCI-2000 DSR™ Digital Cinema Integrated Projection System
Mar 2007

US$6.5M investment injection for GDC Technology

GDC Technology has received a mammoth investment worth US$6.5 million from the Mr. Li Ka-Shing, Founder and Chairman of Chueng Kong (Holdings) Limited - the World's 9th Richest Person according to Forbes 2007 report.

Mar 2007

GDC Technology paves the way for digital cinemas in China

China Film Group and Institute of Digital Media Technology have selected GDC Technology for its groundbreaking digital cinema deployment project in China. The first phase of the project targets the installation of at least 700 digital cinema playback systems in the top 100 cinemas across China by 2007. The second phase aims to have 1300 units installed by 2008.

Mar 2007

GDC Technology completes successful server upgrades

GDC Technology has successfully upgraded servers installed worldwide with DCI-defined JPEG2000 playback capability and security features. Servers can now accept 2K and 4K Digital Cinema Packages (DCP) while maintaining backward compatibility with the widely-deployed Interop MPEG2 MXF digital cinema profile format.