Jun 2006

GDC Technology installs DSR™ Network Operations Center in Europe

CinemaNet Europe (CNE) opened its doors to GDC Technology’s DSR™ Network Operations Center (NOC), allowing for better management and control of its 120 servers scattered across various countries Europe, including Austria, Germany, The Netherlands, Spain and UK. This will also provide better efficiency in their workflow through the delivery of contents and keys to various countries.

Jun 2006

GDC Technology expands market share in Korea

GDC Technology installed 20 units of SA1000 DSR™ Digital Film Servers in South Korea at the Crown CGV and Lotte multiplex cinemas. This was done in preparation for the digital release of “Mission Impossible III” and “Poseidon”. All GDC servers are centrally controlled from GDC’s DSR™ NOC, and are serviced and maintained by Eugenetek, South Korea's no. 1 cinema equipment and service provider.

May 2006

Shaw Organization adds GDC Servers to its fold

Shaw Organization has procured GDC Technology servers for two of its cinema halls in Lido Cineplex and for Shaw House's latest acquisition, the LED Video wall. The crystal clear image quality afforded by GDC’s latest innovation in digital cinema display can now be enjoyed on the LED video wall. Shaw’s cinema auditoriums and video wall are centrally controlled from its main office, where audio and video are stored, monitored and programmed either locally or from remote location by means of the local area network.

SHAW’s Led Video Wall
powered by GDC Server
Mar 2006

GDC Technology leads the pack in worldwide Digital Mastering System Installations

With Korea's Hollywood Image and Entertainment Technology and Kalasa Entertainment Media in South India being the two most recent acquirers of our systems, GDC Technology now leads the industry with 12 Digital Mastering Systems installed worldwide.

Mar 2006

GDC Technology introduces MXF JPEG2000

GDC Technology unveiled the new MXF JPEG2000 Upgrade Kit for the SA1000 DSR™ Digital Film Server at ShoWest 2006 in Las Vegas. The MXF JPEG2000 Upgrade Kit consists of a single board that enables existing SA1000 Servers to play 3D movies and movies encoded using both the MXF MPEG2 and MXF JPEG2000 formats.

Jan 2006

DSR™ SA1000 Digital Film Server powers movie premiere at Hongkong Disneyland

GGDC Technology’s DSR™ SA1000 Digital Film Server was chosen for the digital gala premiere of "The Chronicles of Narnia" at Hong Kong Disneyland. It was the first-ever movie premiere held at the Hong Kong Disneyland.