CineCache - A description of 2TB

CineCache™ 4TB/2TB
Built-in Cache Memory

Designed for cinema media server. No local HDD required.


The SR-1000 IMB is designed with diskless CineCache (built-in cache memory) available in 4TB/2TB offering 3 key advantages:

1. Movie ingest in just 30 minutes without interrupting concurrent playback

CineCache enables incredibly fast content ingest during playback. Content ingest and playback can be performed concurrently without local HDD storage. One average* movie can be ingested within 30 minutes without interrupting playback. It is no longer necessary to wait for the movie to end to ingest content.

Theatre Management System TMS-2000 image

2. Incredibly fast content transfer across IMBs

For IMBs with CineCache, content can be copied at lightning speed across IMBs via 1Gbps LAN without any IMB playback interruption. An average* movie would only take approximately 30 minutes to be transferred between IMBs.

CineCache™ 4TB/2TB

* The running time of an average movie is between 90 and 120 minutes.

3. High-speed and high-reliability playback in a 3D dual projector system

CineCache is a superior technology providing very high-reliability playback of 3D content at 120 fps-per-eye in a dual projector system.

CineCache™ 4TB/2TB

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