North Asia: GDC's Dynamic Presence in
Korea and Japan

Discover the incredible journey to GDC Korea and GDC Japan, a vital part of GDC’s global presence. Let’s embark on this journey together on how their local support and dedication have captured the hearts of Asian audiences.

GDC Korea – Local people, local support

GDC Korea was established in 2017 and has been making waves for the past eight years. Meet Jason Kim, who joined GDC in 2018 as a service engineer. He now serves as the Sales and Office Manager, playing a crucial role in the growth of GDC Korea by ensuring smooth operations and driving local business.

North Asia: GDC's Dynamic Presence in Korea and Japan

Jason Kim,

Sales and Office Manager for Korea

In 2018 and 2019, GDC Korea won significant bids to install media servers for major local exhibitors, including Lotte and CGV. To provide technical services to the growing cinema chains, two talented individuals joined the GDC team: Victor Kim as the Service Manager and Jay Kim as the Service Engineer. With their expertise and prompt support, they quickly earned a great reputation among system integrators and exhibitors. The Korean service team supports all GDC solutions, including media servers, TMS enterprise software, Cinema Automation CA2.0, audio solutions, and projectors. Their exceptional support has made GDC the preferred choice with a market share of over 50% in server bids.

North Asia: GDC's Dynamic Presence in Korea and Japan
North Asia: GDC's Dynamic Presence in Korea and Japan

Victor Kim,

Service Manager for Korea and Japan

Jay Kim,

Service Engineer for Korea and Japan

In 2022, GDC Korea leveraged its new office space to provide expanded sales and services for its resellers and exhibition customers to provide expanded customer services, including warranty services, installation, maintenance, and RMA (Return Material Authorization). The new offices are designed with state-of-the-art workspace to enhance internal collaboration and provide the company with further room for growth. The new office further validates GDC’s commitment not only to the Korean cinema market, but also to innovation, our people, and the future. In the same year, GDC expanded its audio product line, including the SR-1000 built-in audio processor and AIB-3000 audio processor with enhanced bass management. In addition, GDC licenses DTS:X for IAB and DTS Surround Cinema from DTS, Inc. Also, GDC will introduce innovative products like the SR-1000 built-in storage CineCache (SSD), portable SSD storage, and cinema LED to screen the Korean market.

North Asia: GDC's Dynamic Presence in Korea and Japan
North Asia: GDC's Dynamic Presence in Korea and Japan
Korea office (3)

GDC Digital Cinema Technology Korea

Address: Suite A809, Gasan HausD Firstar,169-16, GasanDigital2-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea

GDC Japan – Local people, local support

Since its establishment in February 2011, GDC Japan has been at the forefront of providing cutting-edge digital cinema technology sales and services. The GDC Japan office is conveniently located near Tokyo Station, allowing for easy coverage of all regions in Japan. GDC Japan has two primary missions: 1) to provide instant customer support and 2) to introduce the latest cinema solutions. The office has forged strong partnerships with major cinema chains, independent theatres, and content distributors in Japan.

Noriyuki Mibuchi, the President of GDC Japan, is a seasoned industry professional with nearly 30 years of experience in the cinema industry. Mibuchi-san joined GDC in 2020, having previously worked for companies such as Sony Digital Cinema for over 10 years and IMAGICA Corp. for 11 years. His expertise and insights contribute significantly to the success of GDC Japan. Working alongside Mibuchi-san is Miho Okubo, the Accounting Manager, who has been with GDC for over 10 years since joining in 2013. Okubo-san handles daily matters and provides crucial financial support. Additionally, Katsutoshi Ozawa, the Business Director, plays a pivotal role in maintaining strong customer relationships.

North Asia: GDC's Dynamic Presence in Korea and Japan

Noriyuki Mibuchi, President of GDC Japan

“In the early days, GDC Japan established itself as a trusted administrator of the Virtual Print Fee (VPF) program, facilitating the industry-wide transition from traditional 35mm film projection to digital cinema across Japan,” Mibuchi-san stated. “Currently, our focus is to fully understand the unique requirements of the Japanese market and provide tailored digital cinema solutions that enhance the movie-watching experience and optimize operational efficiency. For example, we have recommended our customers adopt EDS/Auto-KDM integration to streamline workflow processes.”

North Asia: GDC's Dynamic Presence in Korea and Japan

Right: Noriyuki Mibuchi, President of GDC Japan
Center: Miho Okubo, Accounting Manager
Left: Katsutoshi Ozawa, Business Director

North Asia: GDC's Dynamic Presence in Korea and Japan
North Asia: GDC's Dynamic Presence in Korea and Japan

GDC Digital Cinema Network GG.

Address: 3F, Kyobashi-Chuo Bldg, 1-14-7 Kyobashi Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0031, Japan