GDC received the prestigious “Outstanding Digital Cinema Technology Innovator of the Year”

We are excited to announce GDC Technology received the prestigious “Outstanding Digital Cinema Technology Innovator of the Year” at the “2022 Most Innovative Enterprise Awards” presented by Business Innovator. Dr. Chong, Founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer of GDC Technology was invited by the Business Innovator to share how the company achieved market leadership through core values, business scope, market presence in Hong Kong, and innovation.

1. GDC company core value

GDC develops and provides advanced Hollywood-standard digital cinema equipment for the motion picture industry not only to enhance the audience’s audio-visual experience but also to improve the cinema operation efficiency. 

2. GDC business scope

GDC delivers one-stop shop cinema innovations including CA2.0 Cinema Automation, numerous feature-packed media server models, and Espedeo Supra-5000 RGB+ phosphor laser cinema projector, etc. One of the highlights is the projection system CINITY, which uses the GDC 6400C IMB to playback the filmmaker’s preferred 3D movie format of the upcoming AVATAR 2: The Way of Water. 

3. Market presence in Hong Kong

Currently, more than half of Hong Kong’s cinemas are using GDC cinema solutions. Our customers include Hong Kong’s MCL Cinema Movie Town, Hong Kong Jockey Club Auditorium at the Hong Kong Palace Museum, M+ Cinema, and Element Cinema, etc. In this video, Dr. Chong shares why they selected GDC technology to provide their audiences with the ultimate audio-visual movie experience. 

4. How GDC keeps the business sustainable?

Since 2012, the GDC Scholarship, established by Dr. Chong, provides financial support for engineers-to-be to pursue their education and fulfill their dream to advance cinema technology. The scholarship is given in cooperation with the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) to undergraduate and postgraduate students. Also, GDC is fully committed to supporting the cinema industry’s most beloved charity: Variety, The Children’s Charity to deliver vital medical equipment and services to empower children with special needs and their families.