GDC SR-1000 IMB Redefines Audio Processing

Now is the Time to Make a Sound Investment.

The diskless SR-1000 media server with CineCache™ 2TB storage is now available with an optional built-in audio processor feature to easily enable a powerful cinematic experience to your audiences. Exhibitors now have an option to upgrade their existing SR-1000 IMBs with a cinema audio processor with crossover to deliver 5.1 and 7.1 PCM uncompressed surround sound. By adding the audio function via a software upgrade, exhibitors do not need to purchase external audio processors separately. Launched in late 2020, the SR-1000 with the built-in audio processor is ready to ship directly to your theatres

Both audio and video features can be configured and controlled through the easy-to-use web-based UI. It allows users to access control via network remotely improving operating efficiency.

SR-1000 can work directly with digital amplifiers with AES3 inputs. The solution offers simple wiring and the purest digital sound not “contaminated” by compression.

When SR-1000 works with analog amplifiers, an Audio I/O Box AIB-2000 is needed for digital-to-analog conversion. SR-1000 with built-in audio processor is provided with crossover, hence external crossover or amplifiers with crossover is not required, helping you save costs.

Audio IO (Input-Output) Box AIB-2000

GDC’s Audio IO (Input-Output) Box AIB-2000 is a built-in 8-channel premium quality digital-to-analog converter (DAC) to interface with external audio equipment such as analog amplifiers, booth monitor, microphone, and media players. At the same time, AIB-2000 is a network product, which allows the switching of input sources via Ethernet.

Solution for SR-1000 IMB and Digital Amplifiers

SR-1000 IMB and Optional Audio IO Box to Interface with External Audio Equipment

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