3 cinema software streamline your cinema's day-to-day operation

3 cinema software streamline your cinema's day-to-day operation

Improving digital cinema operations efficiency with software is the key to success in the cinema industry. For more than 17 years, GDC has developed revolutionary enterprise software to efficiently manage, monitor, and support the digital cinema equipment from one local cinema to an entire cinema chain, these include TMS, NOC, and CMS software. Typically, a local cinema multiplex manages its digital cinema operations with the TMS software and TmsAware™ APP on mobile phones, while cinema circuits improve efficiency and drive down cost with a centralized NOC software and CMS software installed either in their headquarters or at a third-party support center. Regardless, they are linked up over the internet with GDC’s cloud service – Zeus.

TmsAware™ App

GDC award-winning Theatre Management System (TMS) software was first deployed in 2004. As of April 2022, GDC TMS software has an installed base of 35,000+ screens across 4,900+ theatres worldwide and is ranked within the top 3 globally. It is a comprehensive solution that provides centralized control over the entire digital cinema operation to manage movie content, digital cinema equipment, and more. Its mobile APP TmsAware allows users to monitor all theatre operations and receive push notifications while on the move.

noc noc monitoring noc network operation center

Both GDC Central Management Software (CMS) and Network Operations Center software (NOC) are web-based, the cinema headquarters or support center personnel is able to manage the digital cinema operations for the entire cinema chain remotely. GDC NOC software completely monitors and maintains all major brands of projection equipment and other SNMP-enabled devices in the entire cinema chain, and it tracks every equipment maintenance job. GDC CMS software enables centralized management of content transfer, screen advertisements, and program schedules. It can be customized to seamlessly integrate with the exhibitor’s screen advertisement subsystem.

Top 3 advantages of GDC TMS software:

3 cinema software streamline your cinema's day-to-day operation
  1. Monitor and control your screens from a single access point: via the TMS system interface, cinema operators can monitor cinema projector and audio devices in real-time at a glance while controlling the projector and sound processor controller. 
  2. Complete compatibility: GDC TMS system works with all major brands of digital cinema equipment. Unlike other TMS on the market, GDC TMS is not bundled with any hardware, it runs on the majority of Microsoft Windows platforms.
  3. Fast performance: comprehensively redesigned with useful features and optimizations to serve all your needs, the GDC TMS system allows you to take control right away with a faster start-up time. 

Top 3 advantages of GDC CMS software:

3 cinema software streamline your cinema's day-to-day operation
  1. Seamless integration:GDC CMS software works well with an exhibitor’s pre-show advertising and entertainment program to streamline the advertising workflow.
  2. Save time and labor: GDC CMS software allows any cinema chain with multiple locations to eliminate redundant time and labor spent on the same routine tasks with local GDC TMS and/or Cinema Automation CA2.0.
  3. Allow collaboration:multiple user access simultaneously anytime and anywhere with its web-based application.

Top 3 advantages of GDC NOC software

3 cinema software streamline your cinema's day-to-day operation
  1. Device monitoring: GDC NOC software allows the exhibitor to preview the real-time monitoring of the network connections and operation statuses of various digital devices for one cinema to hundreds of complexes in a timely manner, checking the overall status of the equipment to ensure it is running smoothly. 
  2. Automated faults ticketing: GDC NOC software fault and alert function enables the remote center’s support staff to receive alert information from the devices in a timely manner. 
  3. Generate log reports: GDC NOC software can generate various types of reports easily and quickly including playback records, fault, device information, lamp use time, and other reports to improve the overall performance of the devices.