2020 Marks GDC Technology’s 20th Anniversary

When GDC launched in 2000, Dr. Chong (founder, chairman, CEO) believed there was a viable opportunity for products that could help the cinema industry. At that time, he shared his vision that we would one day be recognized as one of the leading digital cinema solutions providers. 
Thank You to Our Customers
Thanks to our customers, GDC has grown to one of the most trustworthy and respectable brands in the cinema industry. Our commitment to our customers has been demonstrated by our steady sales growth and industry honors. We are proud to have been recognized multiple times by our peers and industry. 
Thank You to Our Employees
Without our dedicated employees and their supportive families, we would not be the company that we are today. Their commitment to our vision, values, and the success of our customers, has allowed us to create an innovative culture and exceptional team dedicated to delivering results.
In the Next Two Decades
One thing that has not changed in the last 20 years is our company values. Every decision we make is driven by transparency, success, partnership, responsiveness, and a culture of innovation. Our mission has been, and always will be, to invest in products that make our customers successful. With that vision, we are optimistic that the future will be bright and our next 20 years will be filled with more innovations to improve the moviegoing experience and great people.
We have witnessed a lot of change in the past 20 years – both within the Hollywood studios and throughout the exhibition community. We hope you enjoy this short video of our 20-year history in the cinema industry.