Czech Republic Cinema Installs First Award-winning GDC Cinema Automation 2.0 Solution in Europe

GDC Technology to observe its 20year history of firsttomarket solutions with a record number of solutions for the changing cinema industry, including the launch of Espedeo Supra5000 RGB Plus laser phosphor cinema projector and SR1000 IMB with builtin cinema audio processor option.

BARCELONA, June 19, 2019 — GDC Technology Limited (‘GDC’), a leading global provider of digital cinema solutions, announced today that Golden Apple Cinema in the Czech Republic is the first cinema in Europe to fully automate its workflow with GDC’s Cinema Automation 2.0 Solution (CA2.0) and SR-1000 Standalone Integrated Media Block™ with CineCache™ along with its PMA-1200 Power Management Adapter and QMS-1000 Quality Management System.
Golden Apple Cinema is a family-owned company founded in 2008 and the first and only digital cinema in the Zlín Region in the Czech Republic. The cinema is known for paying particularly close attention to the latest technologies in sight and sound. They chose to install GDC’s groundbreaking automation solutions to keep up with the latest technology, including streaming the content directly from the SCL-2000 Mk2 centralized playback server to each media server to eliminate the cost of local hard drive storage.
“Developing new technologies for the cinema industry is unique in that it requires constant communications with exhibitors, distributors, and the creative community. CA2.0 and SR-1000 were developed from our 20-year knowledge of digital cinema and constantly working with our industry partners,” said Sachin Shetty, executive director of EMEA for GDC Technology. “The installation of our newest products at Golden Apple Cinema provides them with technology ahead of its time, solving operational issues with automation designed for today’s and tomorrow’s digital cinema world.”
CA2.0 incorporates the SCL Mk2 Centralized Playback Server Series – an integrated centralized storage and playback system designed to streamline content management, and leverages machine intelligence to increase efficiency while dramatically reducing the need for human intervention.

  • SCL-1000 Mk2 – up to 8 screens
  • SCL-2000 Mk2 – up to 14 screens
  •  SCL-3000 Mk2 – up to 21 screens
  •  SCL-4000 Mk2 – up to 30 screens

SCL Mk2 Series servers offer each auditorium access to a wide assortment of movies from a centralized server without the need for local storage attached to every media server. The series is designed with scalability and reliability in mind. The server’s storage capacity can be customized based on the number of screens (from 4 to 30) and the number of movie titles (up to a few thousand DCPs) to be stored and streamed to all the auditoriums.
With the storage capacity increased by up to 100 times when compared to the traditional local storage of a cinema media server, SCL Mk2 Series servers are designed to meet exhibitors’ demand for an “online” content solution that enables them to maintain competitiveness in today’s market. By integrating SCL Mk2 Series servers with cinema automation CA2.0, manual operation and human intervention are significantly reduced.

In addition to automating the complex procedure of manually preparing or editing show playlists, CA2.0 incorporates other impressive advances, such as:

  • CA2.0 intelligently manages equipment power supply and assures industry-standard screening quality automatically by smart testing and analysis
  • SCL Mk2 Centralized Server Series can ingest DCP at USB3.0 maximum speed while live-streaming content to all the media servers in a 30-plex cinema
  • CA2.0 fail-safe technology eliminates interruption in the highly unlikely event of a centralized server failure to ensure that each and every screening continues undisturbed SR-1000 Standalone IMB is the only solution currently available that supports Series 1, 2, and 3 DLP Cinema® projectors, making it the best possible solution for exhibitors with Series 1 projectors that need the server replaced.
    Key Features and Benefits of SR-1000 Standalone IMB
  • Built with embedded power electronics used in medical and military applications
  • Designed and built with cache memory to playback content without hard drive storage
  • Designed for near-zero maintenance and minimal total cost of ownership with SGS certified 100,000 MTBF
  • Allows remote access to the projector SMS with wireless tablets anywhere in the cinema GDC PMA-1200 Power Management Adapter is a power management device designed especially for theatre projection rooms. It provides intelligent power supply management for theatre equipment, giving exhibitors the means to achieve a completely unmanned projection framework.

GDC QMS-1000 Quality Management System is designed for cinema screening quality monitoring and control. It manages the quality of projection and audio by measuring and analyzing the luminance, chromaticity, and sound pressure level.
The GDC solutions were installed by Kinoservis s.r.o., a family-owned company from Zlín that provides audiovisual services. Kinoservis specializes in the sale, service, and installation of technological equipment for video and audio reproduction in cinemas, open-air cinemas, and multiplexes.

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