GDC and DVIDEA Solution Expands Choice and Interoperability for Digital Cinema Exhibitors

Hong Kong (February 9, 2011) – Dvidea today announced that GDC’s SX-2000A Digital Cinema Server with Integrated Media Block and GDC’s SX-2001A Digital Cinema Server can now successfully integrate with Dvidea Cineasy™ Theater Management System (TMS) software. The new integration optimizes interoperability for all digital cinema deployments, making theater operations simple, robust, and fully flexible for the exhibitors as they make the transition to digital cinema.


Using Dvidea Cineasy™ software solution, exhibitors are now able to seamlessly operate GDC’s range of
stunning D-Cinema servers, manage content and keys, schedule shows, control projection devices, report logs, automate processes, exchange media and data with interoperable D-Cinema servers of any other brand within the same facility.


Under this new partnership, GDC Digital Cinema servers not only expand in technical diversity but are also now fluent in several European languages as Dvidea Cineasy™ TMS is already localized in Spanish, French, Dutch, English, Italian, Russian, and German (Swedish and Portuguese planned for Q1 2011).


GDC Digital Cinema servers and Dvidea Cineasy™ TMS have been designed for circuits as well as for small independent theaters. This integration marks another step toward interoperability and expands the choices for all digital cinema exhibitors.


“Dvidea is honored to be working closely with GDC’s quality products and dedicated expert team. GDC’s
company history and track record of success prove that, like Dvidea, their customers’ needs and expectations are of utmost importance to the company and almost always met. We look forward to developing this exciting new relationship,” said William Sully, co-founder and CEO of Dvidea.


By choosing best of breed hardware and software solutions from technology leaders such as GDC and
DVIDEA, theater owners benefit from better interoperability, significantly improved performance, and a lower total cost of ownership. “We are delighted to work with Dvidea, a clear market leader for digital cinema TMS software in Europe,” said Dr. Man-Nang Chong, founder and CEO of GDC Technology. “The partnership signifies the strategic alliance between two industry leaders whereby the complementary technical strengths of both companies can be leveraged to bring high performance solutions to our customers. Coinciding with GDC’s current fast expansion in Europe, this alliance could not have come at a better time.”

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About GDC Technology (
GDC Technology (“GDC”) is a subsidiary of the Hong Kong publicly listed company – Global Digital Creations Holdings Limited. As one of the leading global solution providers for digital cinema, media delivery and display markets, GDC has successfully delivered and installed digital cinema servers and advanced digital signage systems worldwide. GDC is currently the largest supplier of cinema servers throughout Asia and the second largest provider of cinema servers worldwide, serving its customers through offices in the US, Singapore, Hong Kong and China. GDC also holds Virtual Print Fee (“VPF”) agreements with major US studios and acts as a third-party for the major deployment of digital cinema systems in Asia and North America.


About Dvidea (
Dvidea specializes in interoperable software solutions for digital cinema exhibition. At the core of its product offerings lies Dvidea Cineasy™ TMS, a media management and automation software. Built on open standards,Dvidea Cineasy™ supports all existing interoperable Digital Cinema servers and projectors and seamlessly integrates within your current installation, allowing for an optimal management of your digital projections. Dvidea Cineasy™ TMS is currently deployed in large circuits as well as small independent theaters throughout Europe, South America and Asia, representing several hundreds of digital installations.

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Connie Wong 
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Anne Gabry
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