GDC makes further inroads into UK clinching server deal with Hammersmith Apollo

Hong Kong (December 15, 2009) – London’s historic Hammersmith Apollo, a theatre famed for its illustrious history and Art Deco architecture, has opted for GDC servers in its screen restoration program. London-based Future Projections was tasked to carry out the project work in which GDC servers (SA-2100A and SA-2100T) and Barco DP2000 projectors were deployed.


Curzon Cinemas, who will be operating the Hammersmith Apollo venue technically, picks GDC servers as they are the only one that can meet the unique storage requirement at Hammersmith Apollo. “The limited storage per screen offered by alternative options means that we’d be loading and reloading DCPs often but there is no such problem with GDC servers which offer 2TB drive capacity per screen and 8TB show library,” said Mick
Steven, technical manager for Curzon. “GDC also wins our vote for the ease of use, competitive pricing and excellent technical support that come with its servers.” 

Opened in 1932 and with a seating capacity of 3500, Hammersmith Apollo is a legendary venue in London’s entertainment world. It has been graced by some of the biggest stars of all time including the likes of Tony Bennet, Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and David Bowie. With the completion of its restoration this year, Hammersmith Apollo now boasts the largest screen in central London,
the largest capacity (5000) of any cinema in the UK, and complements the theatre’s wide variety of music, theatre and comedy offerings with the potential for movie premieres, screenings and corporate events.

 “The Hammersmith Apollo project presents a unique technical challenge to us with a multitude of special requirements,” said Future Projections’ Peter Hall. “The major ones include providing a premier standard digital cinema solution that allows film premieres bigger and better than anything in the West End, usage flexibility for both corporate and theatre productions, and future 3D support. Besides, any work that may interfere with the
venue’s predominant rock-n-roll use or alter the building (currently carries a Grade 2 Star listing from English Heritage) is also strongly prohibited. GDC’s digital cinema solution has all the answers for this project and we are very happy with the results.”


GDC is among the world’s top three digital cinema server manufacturers with more than 2500 servers installed to-date. “It is indeed an esteemed honour for GDC to be associated with Hammersmith Apollo, a legendary entertainment icon of London,” said Dr. Man-Nang CHONG, founder and CEO of GDC Technology. “This is our fifth installation project in the UK and we are glad to see GDC steadily making inroads into the European market. We are delighted to be working with such high profile clients as the Apollo, Working Title Films and Curzon Cinemas. Working with a trusted partner like Future Projections gives us the confidence to achieve wider market acceptance of GDC servers in Europe in tandem with the rise of digital conversion there.”


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