GDC Technology Launches New Generation Of Digital Cinema Server To Meet DCI Specifications

SHOWEST, Las Vegas (March 14, 2007) – GDC Technology, one of the leading solution providers of digital cinema, today unveiled a new digital cinema product – SA-2100 DSR™ Digital Film Server which is 33% smaller in size and designed to meet DCI specifications such as Texas Instruments Cinelink™ 2, Hollywood’s approved forensic watermarking and FIPS-140 security features. The new SA-2100 server supports DCI defined DCP 2k and 4k digital cinema packages, and JPEG2000 and remains backwards compatible with the MXF MPEG2 Interop format. GDC Technology is one of the founding members of MXF MPEG2 Interop group and its MXF MPEG2 format was selected by the studios as the transitional digital cinema format before the availability of DCI defined DCP format.

GDC’s DSR™ Digital Film servers were first introduced and commercially deployed in 2001 and 2002 respectively. GDC Technology has successfully delivered and installed close to 700 servers to cinema theatres in Austria, Africa, China, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Korea, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, The Netherlands, UK and US. To date, there are more than 250 digital movies presented in GDC Technology’s servers with close to a million of perfect digital screenings; recent releases of Hollywood blockbusters in JPEG2000 format include Flushed Away, Déjà Vu, Charlotte’s Web, Dreamgirls, Blood Diamond, and 300.

The new SA-2100 server is designed to work in cinema multiplex with Theater Management System (TMS) and Network Operations Center (NOC) which support operations such as scheduling of playlist, content rights management and collection of playout log information. The SA-2100 server is a cost-effective and flexible solution for digital cinema and alternative content sources to be playout in a seamless pipeline; various formats of content such as live interview, on-screen advertisement and feature films can be programmed to playout without the need to re-initialize the server and/or projector for different image formats. The server accommodates another image codec such as JPEG, MPEG2 and MPEG4 to support a full suite of alternative content applications not found in other digital cinema servers. GDC Technology’s servers are well tested with different makes of DLP Cinema® projectors since 2001. Since the servers are based on open architecture such as LINUX operating system, they can easily export the user interface and controls to DLP Cinema® projectors equipped with high-performance touch-panel PC. GDC Technology’s DCI-2000 Digital Cinema Integrated System is an answer to the exhibitors’ need of a fully integrated projector – server system with a single focal point of control. The new SA-2100 servers which are projector-agnostic will be showcased at National Cinema Supply Corp’s booth #1221 and GDC Technology Ltd’s booth #1724 at 2007 ShoWest convention from March 12 to 15, at the Bally’s and Paris convention centers in Las Vegas.

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GDC Technology is a subsidiary of the Hong Kong public listed Company -Global Digital Creations Holdings Limited. GDC Technology is one of the leading solution providers for digital cinema and, digital media delivery and display markets. GDC Technology has successfully delivered and installed close to 700 servers to cinema theatres in Austria, Africa, China, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Korea, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, The Netherlands, UK and US. More than 250 full-length feature films have been released digitally on GDC Technology servers. GDC Technology installed the world’s first 2K digital cinema multiplexes with DSR(TM) Cineplex Central Server where digital content is streamed real-time from DSR(TM) Cineplex Central Server to all the 2K screens.

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