China Film Group And Institute Of Digital Media Technology Select GDC Technology For Its Digital Cinema Deployment

HONG KONG (March 9, 2007) – GDC Technology, one of the leading solution providers of digital cinema, today announced that Institute of Digital Media Technology (Shenzhen) Limited (“Shenzhen IDMT”) will retrofit China’s top cinema theatres with digital cinema integrated projection systems based on GDC Technology’s highly reliable and quality digital cinema servers.

In Q4 2006, Shenzhen IDMT, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Global Digital Creations Holdings Limited (Hong Kong GEM Stock quote: 8271) entered into a cooperation agreement with China Film Group Corporation (“CFGC”) for a term of ten years whereby Shenzhen IDMT and CFGC had agreed to jointly promote digital cinema business in China. The cooperative agreement plans to install 2,000 units of digital cinema integrated projection system in years 2007 and 2008. The Shenzhen IDMT and CFGC’s project will highly accelerate the digitalization of the film distribution industry in China. The project aims at installing at least 700 units of digital cinema equipment at the top 100 cinemas in China by 2007. In 2008 it aims at installing at least 2,000 units of digital cinema system at major cinemas in China.

The number of worldwide installations of GDC’s DSR™ Digital Film Server is approaching the 700th mark. GDC Technology now leads in the field of providing server solution to digital cinema theaters in China with more than 90% market share. With the recent large orders of DSR™ servers, at various stages of installation, from Shenzhen IDMT, GDC Technology expects to deliver and install more than 3000 digital cinema systems in the next three years. Shenzhen IDMT further engaged GDC Technology to provide network management services for its digital cinema deployment.

Media Contact: Ms. Cherine Liu

SOURCE: GDC Technology