GDC Technology First To Deliver Columbia Pictures’ Monster House In Digital 3-D In Asia

Seoul, SOUTH KOREA (Aug 10, 2006) – GDC Technology, the leading provider of digital cinema solutions is proud to be the first to deliver Columbia Pictures’ MONSTER HOUSE in 3-D on its flagship SA-1000 DSR™ Digital Film Server in Asia. MONSTER HOUSE is the first digital 3-D release in Korea. The movie is presented in REAL D, the Premiere Digital 3-D Experience™, exclusively at 11 digital cinema theatres of Lotte Cinemas all across Korea. Lotte Cinemas owns more than 1600 screens throughout Korea and is the country’s second-largest exhibitor.

Lotte Cinemas selected GDC Technology’s servers which have been installed earlier for digital releases. In less than a week, 11 SA-1000 servers at the various Lotte Cinemas’ theatres across Korea were upgraded to enable the 3-D presentation, in time for the same-day opening of MONSTER HOUSE nationwide, on 10th August 2006. “We are thrilled to be screening the highly anticipated animated feature in 3-D and we are very pleased that our GDC servers could be so quickly upgraded to deliver the 3-D experience to our audiences”, says S.K. Lee, Executive Director of Lotte Cinema.

GDC Technology’s servers enable the two separate source images to be frame-accurate and synchronously played back on a single server via the dual HD-SDI link. Besides being the same one-box server that can be upgraded to enable 3-D playback, the SA-1000 DSR™ Digital Film Server is a hybrid server that comes with the option to support real-time streaming of SDTV and HDTV broadcasting of “live” events. The versatility of having one server playing D-Cinema contents, live-events, advertising, 3-D
and alternative contents is probably the reason why the SA-1000 DSR™ Digital Film Server is the most widely deployed D-Cinema server in Asia.

Media Contact: Ms. Cherine Liu

SOURCE: GDC Technology