GDC Technology Powers Hong Kong Entertainment Expo With DSR™ Display Maestro For Content Management And Delivery To The Expo In-lobby And In-theatre Displays

FILMART, Hong Kong, China (March 24, 2005) – GDC Technology, the leading provider of digital
cinema solutions is pleased to be the content delivery and display sponsor of Asia largest entertainment event – Hong Kong Entertainment Expo. Hong Kong Entertainment Expo is the first mega entertainment event in Asia to bring together film and television programming, film financing, film festival, film awards, music and digital entertainment. This mega event, which brings together eight leading fixtures in Hong Kong’s entertainment calendar, was inaugurated by Hong Kong Acting Chief Executive, Mr. Donald Tsang, and attended by more than 1,000 film and entertainment industry leaders, including super stars Tony Leung and Jackie Chan.


Since March 22, 18 PLASMA, 9 LCD monitors and 5 projectors at the Expo were centrally controlled by
GDC’s DSR™ Display Maestro that manages the delivery and playback of content in various
resolutions and formats to different display devices. The PLASMA wall is synchronized to single frame accuracy with DSR™ Display Maestro that enhances the look of the content on PLASMA and LCD monitors.


With DSR™ Display Maestro, exhibitors can now display the full array of trailers, advertisements and alternative digital content on both the in-lobby PLASMA/LCD monitors and in-theatre screens using projectors from a central server. The various display devices can now be programmed to playback a sequence of images or video in coherency. Besides, up-to-the-last minute content can be delivered to all the various display devices connected to a central server by wire or wireless. In the past, frameaccurate programmable video wall comprising a matrix of PLASMA/LCD monitors is a luxury few multiplex operators could afford. GDC Technology’s affordable solution – DSR™ Display Maestro shall change all that. Up-to-the-last minute programmable video wall, at a fraction of the cost of the existing solutions, shall become the most essential advertising tool of the multiplex cinema operators.


“The cinema operators used to manage the various in-lobby and in-theatre display devices with all
kinds of playback devices such as video tape recorders, DVD-Players and computers,” observed Dr Man Nang CHONG, CEO of GDC Technology “With the introduction of DSR™ Display Maestro, GDC Technology provides cinema operators with a cost-effective and innovative solution to maximize the advertising revenue from all their displays inside and outside the auditoriums” 


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About GDC Technology Private Limited
GDC Technology Private Limited is a Singapore incorporated company. It is a subsidiary of the Hong
Kong Public Listed Company – Global Digital Creations Holdings Limited. GDC Technology pioneers digital post-production, delivery and presentation technologies. Known for its commitment to innovative engineering work, quality products and state-of-the-art technology, GDC Technology offers solutions on film transfer, post-production, delivery and presentation of digital content.


GDC Technology has successfully delivered and installed more than 400 digital/electronic cinema
theatres in Africa, Europe, Hong Kong, India, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and US. More than 120 full-length feature films have been released digitally on GDC Technology servers. GDC Technology installed the world’s first 2K digital cinema multiplexes with DSR™ Cineplex Central Server in Singapore; each digital cinema multiplex has an average of five 2K digital cinema screens.

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