GDC Technology Celebrates On Surpassing The 400th Installed DSR™ Server

CINEASIA, Bangkok, Thailand (December 7, 2004) – GDC Technology, the leading provider of digital cinema solutions is pleased to announce installations of DSR™ servers that have pushed past the 400th mark. With the number of installations worldwide, GDC Technology now leads in the field of providing server solutions to digital cinema markets.


With recent large orders of DSR™ servers, at various stages of installation, from China and Europe, the total number of servers installed has already crossed the 400 mark. These included orders from the CinemaNet Europe (formerly known as EuroDocZone) initiative which facilitates the transformation of over 180 specialist cinemas from analogue to digital exhibition. Europe largest digital film network –
CinemaNet Europe went live across nine countries with the screenings of eight digital films on November 12.


In the Asia front, China Film Group exclusively selected DSR™ servers for its fourth round deployment of 100 digital screens across People Republic of China. The order from China Film Group also includes an integrated server – projector solution from GDC Technology – DFP2000. The DFP2000 integrated digital film projection system is the world’s first integrated server and projector all-in-one. It will be exhibited at GDC’s booth in Cine Asia 2004 (booth no. 57/58). These past few months of brisk sales also included 20 units of satellite enabled DSR™ 2K Digital Film Server for the Stella Media Group for its up market cinema multiplexes in China.


The CinemaNet Europe project consists of installations across Europe including countries like Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Slovakia and the United Kingdom, where documentaries are screened across the continent. China Film Group’s order consists of installations in cinemas in more than 25 provinces in China. With the recent installations, GDC Technology has more than 80% of digital cinema market share in China.


In US, GDC Technology also completed the delivery and installation of more than 30 digital cinemas across 12 states in US.


This is a remarkable achievement considering GDC Technology installed the first DSR™ servers some 30 months ago (since May 2002) in Shanghai. “This only affirms the industry’s acceptance and belief in GDC’s DSR™ servers for its quality and reliability” commented Dr Man Nang CHONG, the company’s founder and CEO, “I believe this is just the beginning of digital cinema adoption worldwide. The industry
has just realized the benefits and consistency in digital cinema and we hope to celebrate the 1000th
installation in the very near future.” Dr CHONG added.


GDC Technology’s DSR™ Server is a software-based in-theater server for digital/electronic cinema,
HDTV live event, cinema advertising and pre-show entertainment applications. Built on the robust LINUX operating system, DSR™ server’s software design provides features such as multiple content packaging formats, digital rights management, encryption scheme, remote monitoring, compression
standards and easy upgradeability over the internet.


*Note: DLP Cinema is trademark of Texas Instruments


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About GDC Technology Private Limited
GDC Technology Private Limited is a Singapore incorporated company. It is a subsidiary of the Hong Kong Public Listed Company – Global Digital Creations Holdings Limited. GDC Technology pioneers digital post-production, delivery and presentation technologies. Known for its commitment to innovative engineering work, quality products and state-of-the-art technology, GDC Technology offers solutions on film transfer, post-production, delivery and presentation of digital content.


GDC Technology has successfully delivered and installed more than 80 digital cinema theatres in China, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom and US with more than 60 full-feature digital films released. GDC Technology installs the world’s first 2k digital cinema multiplexes with Cineplex Central Server in Singapore; each digital cinema multiplex has an average of five 2k digital cinema screens.


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