GDC Technology And Essel Shyam Communication All Set To Transform Indian Film Industry Through Satellite Delivery Of Movie To Electronic Theatres

New Delhi, India (February 03, 2004)— GDC Technology, the leading developer of digital cinema solutions, today announced the successful trial of the satellite delivery of “Tere Naam” musicals held on February 3, using proprietary technologies developed by GDC Technology. GDC Technology and Essel Shyam Communication Limited (ESCL) collaborated to provide satellite delivery of the musicals from Essel Shyam Communication’s Teleport to an electronic cinema theatre located in New Delhi.


The event was India’s first Satellite delivery of digital content to electronic cinema theatre in India featuring high-resolution images encoded in 4:2:2 colour space. The trial is significant because it demonstrates an efficient and cost-effective way to deliver content to the existing network of hundreds of electronic cinema theatres acrossed India. GDC Technology also takes this opportunity to launch their latest multi-layer encryption DVB-IP delivery solution for digital/electronic cinema theatres.


“By providing the secure DVB-IP communication interface in our server, we reduce the cost of ownership of satellite-enabled digital/electronic cinema equipment by providing direct interface to the satellite demodulator without the need of an additional file server”, said Dr Man Nang CHONG, GDC Technology’s CEO. “GDC Technology’s Server offers the operator the capabilities of monitoring the status of the playout of the movies and condition of the equipment in the digital cinema without the need of visiting the
digital/electronic cinema theatres in person”.


Mr. Ponty Chadha, the Managing Director of Chadha Group was present to witness this important milestone in India’s film industry. The satellite delivery of the movie took place in one of India’s largest and best-equipped “Wave” Multiplex at Khushambi, Ghaziabad owned by the Chadha Group. “We are delighted to see the success of the secure delivery of the content to our Multiplex with such simple and elegant operation”, said Mr. Ponty Chadha. “The multiple-layer encryption to protect the content and the cost benefit of satellite delivery are important factors for us in the roll-out of digital cinemas in India”.


Mr. Ponty Chaddha and Mr. GD Mehta, both leading distributors in Delhi and UP Territories have joint ventured to launch WAVE DIGITAL PRIVATE LIMITED, which holds the exclusive rights for digital cinema theatres for the territories of Delhi, UP, Punjab, Uttaranchal, Haryana and Jammu and Kashmir.


“This evolution of satellite content delivery would significantly transform the way the film food chain operates in India. Cost economies of scale through satellite further approves the derivation of tremendous reduction in print cost and print transportation” said Mr. Lalit Kapoor, Wave Digital’s Director.


“Satellite delivery is in our opinion a fool proof mechanism to establish a solution to drastically reduce piracy in the food chain. This means a lot to us in the future. GDC’s new multi-layer encryption DVB-IP delivery solution is a very innovative development for the digital cinema theatres in Delhi and UP “ said Mr. Rajeev Kapoor, Wave Digital’s CEO.


GDC Technology possesses rich experience in satellite delivery. In September 2001, GDC Technology conducted a series of successful demonstrations of the satellite delivery of Columbia Pictures’ “Final Fantasy” to digital cinema theatres in Beijing and Shanghai.


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