China Film Group Selects GDC Technology’s DSR™ Servers For Its Entire Year 2004 Deployment Of Digital Cinemas

CINEASIA, Bangkok, Thailand (December 7, 2004) – GDC Technology, the leading provider of digital cinema solutions is pleased to announce that in Year 2004, China Film Group builds all its digital
cinema theatres based on GDC Technology’s highly reliable and quality digital cinema servers. China
Film Group just added another 100 units of DSR™ Digital Film Server for its recent round of deployment across China. The installation is to be completed by end of the year, by which time China Film Group will have 166 digital screens across the country, the highest number of digital screens in the world. This will also place GDC Technology in the lead for the number of server installations in China, in Asia and worldwide.


The order from China Film Group also includes an integrated server – projector solution from GDC Technology – DFP2000. The DFP2000 integrated digital film projection system is the world’s first integrated server and projector all-in-one. GDC’s DSR™ Secured Link technology is used in DFP2000 to protect the delivery of content from the server to its integrated projector. DFP2000 also offers additional security by supporting watermark and real-time subtitle rendering that is independent of projector technology. DFP2000 was first introduced in CineAsia 2003; an improved DFP2000 with ISCO PRECISION OPTICS 1.5x anamorphic lens will be exhibited at GDC’s booth during CineAsia
2004 (booth 57/58).


The new DFP2000 DSR™ integrated digital film projection system will have brightness of 7000 lumens
and contrast ratio of 4000:1. Digital content will be distributed via data cartridge similar to the formats and systems currently in place in other GDC installed sites in China. This digital distribution of content
will result in significant cost savings.


GDC Technology has also completed the delivery 11 units of DSR™ 2K Digital Film Servers to China Film Group. China Film Group has built its entire 2K digital cinema theatres based on GDC’s DSR™ 2K


DSR™ products and services come with options for software and storage upgrades as well as conditional access security. One of the key advantages for this order is working with just one supplier
for service and maintenance. This is great testimony to the quality and reliability of DSR™ products and the good service and track record GDC has cultivated with their worldwide customers.


GDC Technology’s DSR™ Server is a software-based in-theater server for digital cinema, HDTV live event and pre-show entertainment applications. With the emerging digital cinema standards being discussed, software upgrade is the best possible way to safeguard investment.


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GDC Technology has successfully delivered and installed more than 80 digital cinema theatres in China, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom and US with more than 60 full-feature digital films released. GDC Technology installs the world’s first 2k digital cinema multiplexes with Cineplex Central Server in Singapore; each digital cinema multiplex has an average of five 2k digital cinema screens.


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