Mukta Adlabs Digital Exhibition builds India's largest digital distribution and exhibition network based on GDC Technology's encoder and server technologies

CineAsia, Bangkok, Thailand (November 18, 2003) – In just 8 months, Mukta Adlabs Digital Exhibition Limited (Mukta Adlabs) has built India’s largest digital distribution and exhibition network with more than 70 cinemas across the country retrofitted with GDC Technology’s DSR™ Servers and DLP digital projectors. The number of digitally equipped cinemas is expected to go beyond 100 before end of the year. Mukta Adlabs’ retrofitted cinemas have been showing first-run mega hits in digital format since April 2003 without going back to films. The rapid, economical and efficient digital distribution of the movies is made possible with the installations of GDC Technology’s Digital Film Agile Encoder and the powerful Digital Content Distribution System.

“We are enjoying tremendous business success with the growing network of digitally equipped cinemas. We have been distributing on an average of one 1st-run movie per every ten days to our network of digitally equipped cinemas. This is a real treat to the cinema operators and movie audience as they would otherwise have to wait for months before these movies arrive in their cinemas,” said Dr. Patil Sunil, Chief Executive Officer of Mukta Adlabs Digital Exhibition Limited.

“We are amazed with what technology could do these days. The highly efficient digital content distribution system installed at our processing laboratory allows the mass production of digital prints of feature films within hours. We have been distributing the movies using GDC Technology’s Data Cartridges for more than 8 months of operation without a glitch. With such sleek operation and the multiple-fold growing of boxoffice, our target of 1,500 digital cinemas by the end of Year 2007 seems within reach” he added. To learn more about Indian Digital Cinema read the article: India taking lead in digital cinema .

To date, Mukta Adlabs have distributed more than thirty 1st-run movies in digital format using GDC
Technology’s Digital Film Agile Encoder and Digital Content Distribution System. The system is designed to encode, encrypt and package film-like quality digital content in data cartridges and deliver to the digital cinemas for downloading into the DSR™ Servers. Once programmed, the DSR™ Server will deliver the digital content to the projector and audio system with the image and sound that is always pristine, crisp and clear. The DSR™ Server, though a highly sophisticated equipment with many security features, is user-friendly and requires almost zero maintenance.

About Mukta Adlabs Digital Exhibition Limited
ADLABS Films Ltd, the largest motion Picture Processing Laboratory in India is in the film processing business for the last 20 years. ADLABS Films Ltd is a public limited company listed in the BSE and NSE
expanded into exhibition business with setting up India’s first IMAX Theatre with the largest dome in the world along with four-screen multiplex in Mumbai which was opened to the public in the year 2001. The company is looking into expanding their exhibition business by tying up with multiplexes with their aim to have 30-40 screens by the year 2005. In August 2003, Mukta Arts Limited, a public limited company in India joined Adlabs to form India’s largest digital content distribution and exhibition network – Mukta Adlabs Digital Exhibition Limited. 

About GDC Technology Private Ltd
GDC Technology Private Limited is a subsidiary of the Hong Kong Public Listed Company – Global Digital Creations Holdings Limited. GDC Technology pioneers digital post-production, delivery and presentation technologies. Known for its commitment to innovative engineering work, quality products and state-of-theart technology, GDC Technology offers solutions on film transfer, post-production, delivery and presentation of digital content.

At CineAsia, GDC Technology will be demonstrating its range of DSR™ powerful solutions at Booth 21-22. GDC Technology’s 2K DSR™ Encoder and Server will be used to screen Disney’s Brother Bear with Barco 2K DLP Cinema projector during CineAsia.

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