Harry Potter and GDC - A milestone in exhibition in China

Hong Kong – (January 27, 2003) – GDC Technology Limited has set another milestone by being the first manufacturer to encode a Hollywood blockbuster, “Harry Potter And The Chamber of Secrets” in MPEG2 4:2:2 color depth for exhibition in China. GDC Technology Limited also scores another first by being the only company capable of using software for the digital film encoding, packaging and exhibition. Warner Brothers provided the uncompressed D5 content that was encoded using GDC’s DSR™ Digital Film Agile Encoder. The HD content is encoded in MPEG2 4:2:2 format with uncompressed PCM audio. It is 128-bit AES encrypted and stored in a GDC transfer media. In the cinema, GDC’s DSR™ Digital Film Server will decrypt and decode the content then re-encrypt with Texas Instruments CineLink™ for playback on the DLP Cinema™ digital projector. This is also the first commercial release of a Hollywood blockbuster in China with uncompressed digital audio.


“We are very encouraged by Warner Brothers’ decision to use our encoder and server for the digital release of such an important feature in Shanghai. We have been waiting to show the industry the simplicity and reliability of our software-based encoder and server. The encoding and packaging processes from D5 tapes to the transport media was completed in 24-hours”, said Dr Chong Man-Nang, CEO & CTO of GDC Technology Limited.


“This is the first imported feature film in China this year and it is scheduled for screening from the Lunar New Year in the mainland. We are delighted to be part of this presentation and we are looking forward to working closely with more studios in the near future”, added Dr Chong.


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