GDC's Hollywood Digital Release - "Sinbad: Legend of The Seven Seas"

GDC Technology is proudly showing the Hollywood blockbuster “Sinbad: Legend of The Seven Seas” on its DSR™ Digital Film Servers in AMC Santa Monica, USA. The movie, released on July 2, 2003, is MPEG2 4:2:2 encoded using DSR™ Digital Film Agile Encoder and the first digital movie shown digitally in United States on DSR™ Digital Film Server.


GDC Technology has been entrusted before with the encoding and exhibition of the blockbusters such as “Final Fantasy” and “Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets”. GDC Technology promises to bring digital entertainment in its best form with its pioneering efforts in digital cinema industry.


For More Information, please contact:
Hong Kong:
Mr. Thanakorn Kitticharernkul
GDC Technology Limited
Fax. +852 2579 1131


Ms. Sharmir Qin
IDMT (Shenzhen) Limited
Fax. +86 (755) 2655 7677


Ms. Sharon Ang
GDC Technology Private Ltd
Fax. +65 6222 1089

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