GDC Technology’s DSR™ Digital Film Servers selected for High Definition Video Broadcast Trial in China

Hong Kong, China(November 30, 2003)— GDC Technology, the leading developer of digital cinema solutions, today announced the successful trial of the live satellite broadcast of Beijing’s “Love under the Sun” charity concert held on November 27, using GDC Technology’s SA1000 DSR™ Digital Film Servers. CCTV, Stella MegaMedia and GDC Technology collaborated to provide satellite delivery of the live concert in HDTV format to the two digital cinema theatres located in Chang Ping and Shenzhen.


The event was the first HDTV broadcast of a live concert to digital cinema theatres in China featuring highquality 1920×1080 50Hz images. The trial is significant because it demonstrates an efficient and costeffective way to present alternative content in digital cinema theatres. Stella MegaMedia selected GDC Technology’s SA1000 Servers for the trial because of the live HDTV streaming capability of GDC Technology’s SA1000 Server that seamlessly integrates to the existing cinema audio system; SA1000 Servers have been deployed in different part of the world for the exhibition of movies in digital cinema theatres. SA1000 features a 2k Image Processor that handles multiple frame-rates, multiple imageresolution, multiple compression-standards such as high definition MPEG2 and the 2K picture resolution Motion-JPEG.


“GDC Technology is pleased to partner with Stella MegaMedia in leading the charge for high quality, reliable and efficient distribution of high definition content to digital cinema theatres throughout China,” said Dr Man Nang CHONG, GDC Technology’s CEO. “GDC Technology’s SA1000 Server offers the cinema operators the capabilities to play blockbuster movies and alternative content such as live HDTV content, all in a single box.”


GDC Technology possesses rich experience in satellite delivery. In September 2001, GDC Technology
conducted a series of successful demonstrations of the satellite delivery of Columbia Pictures’ “Final
Fantasy” to digital cinema theatres in Beijing and Shanghai.


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About GDC Technology Limited

GDC Technology Private Limited is a subsidiary of the Hong Kong Public Listed Company – Global Digital Creations Holdings Limited. GDC Technology pioneers digital post-production, delivery and presentation technologies. Known for its commitment to innovative engineering work, quality products and state-of-theart technology, GDC Technology offers solutions on film transfer, post-production, delivery and presentation of digital content.


GDC Technology has successfully installed two 2K DSR™ Digital Film Servers with DLP Cinema™ projectors at Eng Wah Organization’s digital cinema theatres in Singapore. Eng Wah’s digital cinemas premiered the digital screening of Disney’s “Brother Bear” on November 27.


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