GDC Technology Limited's parent company - Global Digital Creations Holdings Limited is listed on GEM of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong

August 5, 2003 – Global Digital Creations Holdings Limited, the parent company of GDC Technology Limited got listed on the Growth Enterprise Market (GEM) of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited. Dealings in the shares on GEM commenced on 4th August, 2003. The stock code is 8271.


GDC Technology Limited is a fully own subsidiary of GDC Holdings Limited. Other companies under the
GDC Group are GDC China Limited and GDC Entertainment Limited. The GDC Group’s vision is to be a leader in the computer graphics (CG) creation and production, and digital content distribution and exhibition. The Group’s business activities represent an integration of the entire value chain in the digital content business, encompassing creation, production and distribution of digital contents in order to meet the strong continuing growth in demand for digital contents and the paradigm shift from film based medium to an electronic, digital medium in the cinema industry.

GDC Technology Limited is the Group’s technology arm and is headed by Dr. Man Nang, CHONG who has over 10 years of research experience. Apart from research and development in the best computing solutions for digital content distribution and exhibition, the Group’s research and development team also focuses on the development of technologies for digital asset management and visual communication for
digital cinema applications.

GDC Technology’s team has developed and tested an end-to-end cost-effective digital cinema solution for the delivery of digital content using satellite, broadband or transportable physical storage devices. This digital cinema solution is applied to the Group’s proprietary DSR™ Digital Film Agile Encoder, the DSR™ Digital Film Server and DSR™ Cineplex Central Server designed by the Group. To date, the DSR™ Digital Film Servers have been installed at more than 50 theatres around the world.

GDC Holding’s Group members celebrating the listing of the company on the GEM

For More Information, please contact:

Hong Kong:
Ms. Raina Lodha
GDC Technology Limited
Fax. +852 2579 1131
Email: [email protected]

Ms. Sharmir Qin
IDMT (Shenzhen) Limited
Fax. +86 (755) 2655 7677
Email: [email protected]

Ms. Sharon Ang
GDC Technology Private Ltd
Fax. +65 6222 1089
Email: [email protected]

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