Presenting DSR™ High Quality Encoding Solutions At 9th Shanghai Television Festival (STVF)

Attended STVF(The 9th Shanghai Television Festival)


In IBTC 2002.Dr. Man Nang Chong,CEO&CTO of GDC Tech, gave a presentation. 

In June,2002, Dr. Man Nang Chong, CEO&CTO of GDC Technology Ltd., was invited to attend The International Broadcasting Technology Conference(IBTC2002) held in Shanghai International Conference Center. Its theme is “Advance into Digital Times”. In two-day conference, Dr. Man Nang Chong gave a presentation entitled “Image Compression Algorithms for Digital Cinema Applications”. He also mutually discussed on modern and advance technology of radio, film and television from different aspects with experts domestic and abroad: including high resolution technology and its product, digital television and its code transfer, digital broadcasting, digital film image compression, computer graphics animation stunt, the making process of muliformed world, AAC technology, the integration of television and film, and the management of media assessment, etc.