DSR™ Digital Film Server showcased in Beijing International Radio,TV and Film Equipment Exhibition 2002

Beijing, China—-August 22-25,2002, GDC Tech has introduced a new MPEG2 4:2:2 DSR™ Digital Film Server at BIRTV 2002. The 11th Beijing International Radio, TV & Film Equipment Exhibition 2002 (BIRTV2002) is sponsored by China Radio, Film and TV Group, and organized by China Central TV Station, China Radio & TV Co. for International Techno-Economic Cooperation, China Film Equipment Company and Academy of Broadcasting Science. BIRTV has already become the most influential professional radio, TV and film equipment exhibition in China. DSR™ Digital Film Server’s participation in such an exhibition proved that the digital era in cinema is coming.

For More Information, please contact:

Hong Kong:
Ms. Raina Lodha
GDC Technology Limited
Fax. +852 2579 1131
Email: [email protected]

Ms. Sharmir Qin
IDMT (Shenzhen) Limited
Fax. +86 (755) 2655 7677
Email: [email protected]

Ms. Sharon Ang
GDC Technology Private Ltd
Fax. +65 6222 1089
Email: [email protected]

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