Versatile Storage Solution

The Enterprise Series Storage devices, including Enterprise Storage Plus and Enterprise Storage Lite, are dedicated storage playback systems designed for an IMB to manage movie content. These systems are scalable from a performance and budget perspective, providing exhibitors with options to meet their needs. Enterprise Storage Plus offers up to 32TB while Enterprise Storage Lite offers up to 16TB. Both systems offer reliable redundant hot swappable drives.

Portable Storage is a compact and lightweight device which can be easily mounted on all DLP Cinema® projector models. It features up to 3TB of redundant hot swappable storage.

Key Benefits

Scalable Storage Solutions
GDC’s Enterprise Storage Plus, Enterprise Storage Lite and Portable Storage solutions are scalable from a performance perspective to provide exhibitors with three different options depending upon their needs and budget. Enterprise Series Storage provides the largest storage option with up to 32TB and capable of storing pre-show advertising, trailers and over 200 movies (i.e. 150GB per movie). The Portable Storage can support up to 3TB, which can store pre-show advertising, trailers and nearly 20 movies (i.e. 150GB per movie).

High Reliability
Enterprise Series Storage and Portable Storage come with redundant hot swappable data drives based on enterprise hardware RAID-5 technology allowing the device to remain operational in the event of a single drive failure, thereby minimizing downtime.

  • Enterprise Storage Plus: 3 to 5 drives
  • Enterprise Storage Lite: 3 drives
  • Portable Storage: 3 to 4 drives
  • The redundant power supply of Enterprise Storage Plus delivers a significant improvement in overall system stability.

    High Flexibility
    The hot swappable data drives on the Enterprise Series Storage and Portable Storage can be easily attached or detached, making it possible to quickly switch content from one screen to another. The CRU port on Enterprise Storage Plus provides one more interface for content and key delivery.

    Easy Installation
    Setting up both Enterprise Series Storage devices and the Portable Storage is easy by only connecting the storage device to the IMB with eSATA cable. While a Enterprise Series Storage device can be placed into a projection pedestal, the extremely compact and light Portable Storage can be mounted on any DLP Cinema projector. GDC’s storage solutions are space-saving and suitable for boothless cinema design.