Automatic Cineplex Quality Control Solution

QMS-1000 Quality Management System is designed for cinema screening quality monitoring and control. It manages the quality of projection and audio by measuring and analyzing the luminance, chromaticity and sound pressure level.

Key Benefits

Customized Quality Measurement Benchmark
Exhibitors can flexibly set the quality measurement benchmark by referring to the SMPTE, an international industry standard or their own optimal projection value in the theatre.

Highly Effective Measurement
The QMS-1000 allows automatic measurement in multiplex simultaneously, which only take around 3 minutes for the entire process. QMS-1000 allows simple operation and accurate measurement mechanism, it replaces traditional labor intensive and time-consuming manual measurement procedures.

Objective and Accurate measurement
The QMS-1000 carries out measurement data collection and analysis automatically, and provides reports in multiple formats (as shown in Figure 1, Figure 2) which reduces the likelihood of human error during the evalution.

Test Report (in chart form)

Figure 1

Test Report (detailed data)

Figure 2

Comprehensive Measurement Environment
The QMS-1000 supports measurement for all types of mainstream projection scenarios including single projection for 2D & 3D, dual projection for 2D & 3D and giant screen projection, etc.

Test Data Archiving and Export
Measurement data can be archived and retrieved to facilitate data monitoring and analysis on the tendency of projection quality parameter value, and provides data reference for equipment operation, service and maintenance.

Automatic Adjustment
The QMS-1000 performs intelligent and automatic adjustment, i.e. Luminance (as shown in Figure 3).

Automatic Adjustment (luminance)

Figure 3

Seamlessly Integrated with Theater Management System and Network Operations Centre (NOC)
The QMS-1000 can be integrated with GDC's Theatre Management System (TMS) or run as a independent unit. Measurement data can be uploaded to the NOC which enables exhibitors to centralize the quality monitoring and management.

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