A complete one-stop digital cinema solution with Barco DLP Cinema® projector

GDC Technology took another major step forward in its D-Cinema technology by developing the DCI-3000 Digital Cinema Integrated Projection System. The DCI-3000 integrated projection system features a Barco DLP Cinema® projector and GDC Technology

  • SX-3000 Standalone Integrated Media Block™ or
  • SX-2000AR/TR Digital Cinema Server with Integrated Media Block

providing a complete one-stop solution for digital cinema.

Key Benefits

Lower Maintenance Costs*
The DCI-3000 eliminates the need for an external file server and comes with SMS software.

High Frame Rate
The DCI-3000 supports high frame rate content in 2D and 3D (48 & 60fps per eye).

All Image Resolution
The DCI-3000 supports SD, HD, 2K and 4K (optional) resolution.

Comprehensive Support for Alternative Content
The DCI-3000 supports HDMI inputs, 3G-SDI input and network live streaming (optional). It also supports image scaling from HD to 4K (optional).

Live 3D Support (Optional)
The DCI-3000 comes integrated with 3D Demuxing (side-by-side) which makes receiving high-quality 3D broadcasts possible. It also provides a built-in integrated 3D decoder to seamlessly support 3D Live broadcast without requiring additional decoder.

Supports All Approved 3D Systems
The DCI-3000 seamlessly integrates with numerous studio-approved 3D systems such as RealD, MasterImage, Dolby 3D and active 3D systems.

Remote Access and Monitoring
Cinema operators can remotely access the DCI-3000 using the Theatre Management System (TMS) and Screen Management System (SMS) from a Windows® PC and/or smart phones.

One-stop Installation, Service and Maintenance
No messy and expensive wiring work. Reply on GDC Technology for one-stop service and maintenance without the need to make numerous calls to different vendors.

* Only available in SX-3000